Frank’s values are excellence, integrity, and accountability. The following comments are from ministers who know Frank. Let someone else praise you and not your own mouth – Proverbs 27:2.


First and foremost I must thank you for the integrity with which you conducted yourself from the very first moment I contacted you earlier this year. Having booked a lot of Christian artists, speakers, evangelists and even pastors, I have been so impressed with how professionally your ministry is conducted. You were a pleasure to schedule and host! More than anything I appreciate your humility and submission to the Holy Spirit. 

Pastor Larry Horrell, Cleveland, TN.

Frank and I have been friends since 1988. It has been my pleasure to serve as Vice President with Frank Butler Ministries since 1995. He has always been faithful to his calling. He takes his gifting’s and calling seriously and obeys the Lord’s Word. He abides in the Word of God, the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, and the love of God. He does everything with excellence, integrity, professionalism, and in a businesslike, and Christ like manner. 

Mr. Steven Foxworth, Vice President, Frank Butler Ministries, Houston, TX.


Thank God for Frank Butler!!! A man of integrity and full of the Holy Spirit! He’s the best! Put him on your calendar!

Pastor Bill Smalt, Richmond, VA.

He is a man of integrity, faithfulness to the Word and ministry, bold in his delivery, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, has a heart for Gods people, and will minister as long as there are people in need. Our people respond well to him and love to have him here.

Pastor David Kerr, Arlington, TX.

He is a man of integrity who preaches the whole counsel of God with an anointing to prepare people to receive God’s healing. With a heart of humility and love, Bro. Frank is all about refreshing and building God’s people. He is a servant of the Lord, and would be a great blessing to your church! 

Pastor Chris Stark, Scranton, PA.

I have known Frank since 1978. He walks with integrity and lives the principles he so convincingly preaches.

Pastor Henry Betschel, Melbourne, Australia.

I have known Frank since 1997 and I appreciate his faithfulness to serve the Lord with his whole heart. He is a man of integrity who speaks the truth in love. Frank is the real deal!

Pastor David Hope, Humble, TX.

We have hosted Frank on several occasions. Frank is a man of integrity and an excellent minister of the Word.

Pastor Keith Jones, North Port, FL.


Since 1988 we have developed a strong and lasting friendship. On many occasions we have mutually sought each other’s counsel.

Pastor Mike Colston, Magnolia, TX .

He is one of our evangelists as well as our friend.

Pastor Randy Lynn, Tulsa, OK.

It has been a privilege to host Frank at our church and I have come to know him as a dear and caring friend. He shows respect to those in authority and demonstrates love in all areas. 

Pastor Jude Nowak, Edgemere Church of God, Baltimore, MD.

He relates to authority excellently and will fit-in with whatever is required.

Pastor Richard Warner, Melbourne, Australia.

You were a pleasure to schedule and host! More than anything I appreciate your humility and submission to the Holy Spirit. 

Pastor Larry Horrell, Cleveland, TN.

He will not do anything to hurt your church, but will be an encouragement and support to the pastor.

Pastor Bill Ferg, Duluth, MN.

Frank is very respectful of the host pastor and honors that office accordingly. 

Pastor Rick Haug, Maiden, NC.

He has great respect for the local church and will flow with the pastor and leadership.

Pastor Ron Burgio, Lancaster, NY.

Frank is a genuine blessing to our people and to me personally.

Pastor Keith Jones, North Port, FL.

Frank has been my friend and an inspiration in God to me for over 40 years. He is still the faithful and dedicated evangelist he was when I first met him. He relates in an excellent spirit to the pastoral oversight.

Pastor Paul Sames, St. Pete Beach, FL.

Frank is accountable to those who host him. He is open to the direction of the Holy Spirit and submissive to pastoral authority. 

Pastor Keith Jones, North Port, FL.

I noted your attention to schedule restraints. You keenly manage your pulpit time and you respect the flow of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Johnny Minick, Smyrna, TN.

He is easy to work with and always cooperative with the leadership of the church.

Pastor David Hernquist, Bronx, NY.

Speaking as a pastor, I can say that Frank has the right spirit, a pleasure to work with and we will have him back. 

Pastor Loyd Singley, Crowley, LA.