The testimonies below are from people who attended Frank’s services. Complete this form to send us your testimony.

Set free from ADHD, depression, and 10 years of medication
I have been prescribed Aderall (amphetamine) for 10 years and have been afraid to get off of it because of severe depression that would set in. The medicine was for ADHD, and I do suffer from a wandering mind and near zero attention span. Shortly after the meetings I ran out of my prescription and I know what happens when I come off of the medicine after being on it for so long. I was shocked that I had no withdrawals, and no depression. I am so thankful. I give God all the glory and the honor for this great deliverance in my life and know it was during Frank Butlers meetings at our church that God delivered me.

Anonymous, United States.

MS (multiple sclerosis) and fibromyalgia healed
First of all, giving honor to God for the miraculous work He has done in my body. Frank, I thank God for you and your ministry. I will never forget you and the bond that we shared. For years, I have battled MS and Fibromayalgia, both giving me constant pain, fatigue and unrest. When you came to our church and laid hands on me. I was slain in the spirit. When I got up, I was so drunk in the spirit, and trying to focus. Then, I noticed NO PAIN, so I started walking NOTHING. Then I noticed that I DID NOT HAVE MY CANE. Instantly God healed me!

June M, Oxford, NC, United States.

Out of bed after 8 years, eyesight, muscle cramps, back pain, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and depression healed and hips replaced
I had 5 spinal strokes at the age of 29. They caused left and right sided weaknesses, double vision, ocular flutter (constant movement) in both eyes, anxiety, depression, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), back pain, hip pain, muscle cramps throughout my body that could last for days or weeks. I was bed ridden for almost 8 years and used a cane to help me walk. At Frank’s Sunday morning revival service my eyesight was healed. On Monday at the end of the service I went to the front to tell Frank that my eyes were healed yesterday. Frank asked me what caused the poor vision so I explained my condition. He prayed for me right there. I was layed out in the Spirit and when I got up, Frank walked with me and spoke the Word of God over me. Praise to the Lord on High!!!!! The Lord Jesus touched my body. My hips and bones moved back to where they belong after almost 8 years!! I was told that that only way for my hips to stay in place was to have hip replacements. Glory to God He did my hip replacements!!! I have no more pain anywhere!! I am FINALLY starting to get myself off all the medications I was on. I had 12 prescription medications I was taking along with many supplements. I just praise the Lord for my healing!! I truly have been touched by the Holy Spirit and have started sharing my story. I’m just praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to work through me to touch others and bring them to Christ!!!

Update one week later from Cassy’s Pastor: During the revival several people were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Two ladies laid down their cigarettes. There were several people who testified to healing including a lady in her 30’s who had five strokes about eight years ago. As a result of her strokes she had limited eyesight, walked with a cane, could not walk in a straight line and was on more than a dozen medications. On Sunday morning her eyesight was healed. On Monday night she was slain in the Spirit and when she got up she was able to walk without her cane. The following Sunday she walked down the aisle without any assistance and she walked a straight line. She has also testified that she is off of almost all of her medications.

Cassy G, Floral, AR, United States.

Delivered from antidepressant drugs, alcohol, sexual addictions, and suicide; healed in mind and body; filled with the Holy Spirit and blessed with a new job
I have been suffering from depression, I took antidepressant drugs but nothing was working. I started to mix the meds with alcohol just to feel something. I also had a sex addiction that made me feel less than a woman and I would pick men who took advantage of me instead of enhancing my life. I was laid off from work 8 months ago and I could not find a job nor was I getting any interviews or job offers. I was not going to go to the evening service the hear Frank because I was feeling sick. In the service Frank said come forward if you have never received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I was very skeptical about going up to the altar call. However, at this point I had nothing to lose. I already had plans to end my life. I repeated the prayer that Frank said and he placed his hands on my forehead, I kept saying Jesus and I went down to the floor. The Holy Spirit came in me but I was thrashing around, my sneaker came off my foot, and I was coughing uncontrollably. It felt like something was holding me down, I even broke my finger nails. I wasn’t frighten but I couldn’t control my body. Frank leaned over to me on the floor and called the evil unclean spirits out of me. He told me to keep praying and speaking in tongues. I didn’t realize I was speaking in tongues because in my head and mouth I was saying Jesus. It was my miracle!!! Since that night, I have been feeling happy and the depression is completely gone. I tell everyone what has happened to me. I just had three job interviews and three job offers! I do not suffer from depression and my desires for my addictions are gone. God has blessed me through Jesus Christ! May God continue to bless Frank because he is the real deal.

Anonymous, United States.

Fibromyalgia healed
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when Frank Butler came to my home church for a healing service. I have had constant pain from fibromyalgia in the nerve endings in my back, arms and legs for many years. I could not lay on my back to sleep and had to use seven pillows to support my back so I wouldn’t touch the mattress. It was the only way I could get any sleep. Also, I could never lean my back against a chair without pain or wear my seatbelt in the car. On the day of the morning service I responded to the invitation to come forward for prayer. I saw some of the people being prayed for dropping to the floor and thought that I could never do that, When it was my turn for prayer, Frank asked me what he could pray for, I told him I wanted healing for fibromyalgia. He prayed for me and then asked me if I loved Jesus. I said, “‘yes” and Frank said to tell Jesus, so I said I said, “I love you Jesus”. The next thing I remember was feeling God’s presence in me as I saw gold flakes in my eyes floating and then coming together to make solid gold. I didn’t know where I was but I felt like I was laying on a cloud and was very surprised to find out I had been laying an the floor. But something was different. When I got up off the floor the first thing I noticed was, No pain! I went back to my seat and my back touched the seat, again, No pain! Praise God! And I wore my seat belt home from the service that day. I thank Jesus every day for my healing and I tell everyone I can about the wonderful thing Jesus did just for me!

Ruth F, Philadelphia, PA, United States.

Cancer healed
Healed, Healed, Healed! Before Frank came to our church I was diagnosed with a very fast growing cancer. The type of treatment it would take to heal me could also kill me. I was told I had a 25% chance to live. When the doctor asked me “what makes you think you can live through this” my response was “My trust and faith in God.” I had a port installed in my chest to administer the chemo drugs and had radiation treatment. I could not eat for two and a half months and I lost 43lbs. Frank laid hands on me and prayed for me and today I am cancer free. After a check up I am able to write to you because “GOD HAS HEALED ME OF CANCER”. It should not come to us as a surprise because God has just done what He said He would do. Even as children of God we can still be amazed by His glory. I thank God for you, your work for the Lord, your prayers, and the uplifting messages that you give. With God all things are possible!

Timothy K, North Port, FL, United States.

Sciatica healed

I was healed of sciatica while standing in the back row of Frank Butler’s service. Jesus, my Healer, realigned my lower spine; I could feel the bones cracking into place. Praise God for Frank Butler’s healing anointing!

Melanie S. Dover, DE, United States.

Knee healed
20 Years ago, I messed my knee up. Wound up having surgery on it. After the surgery, my knee was never the same. Always hurt. Recently, it was harder to put any weight on my knee. Last Sunday night, Frank prayed for me, and now I can not only put all my weight on it, I can actually hop on that leg with no pain. I give all the glory to God!

Scott R, Sapulpa, OK, United States.

Faith taken to a higher level
Your ministry was spot on! I have a strong faith, but my faith was taken to a higher level after hearing your words and approach. Your closing words today are words I had just ran through my head earlier this morning prior to seeing you. I was thinking about my arrival in heaven and these words filled my head, and then you closed with the exact same words, “welcome good and faithful servant”. May the Lord use you to the utmost benefit to reach lost and searching souls and to those who need uplifting words to get them closer to God!

David P, Webb City, MO, United States.

Sleep apnea and seizures healed
As a result of a car accident I started having seizures I also used a machine for my sleep apnea. One Sunday Frank Butler came to my church and prayed for me. Since then I have not used the sleep apnea machine, I have had no seizures, and I have not taken the eight medications I usually took. I am doing great and God’s healing power is mine.

Marion P, Quartzsite, AZ, United States.

14 year old healed from scoliosis of the spine and filled with the Holy Spirit
God is so good. During the Spring Revival at my church I was filled with the Holy Spirit the first night and healed from scoliosis the next. The day after God healed me, you may remember, I did a back bend! I finally went back to the chiropractor and told them that God had healed me from scoliosis. They did not believe me so they took x-rays and of course my spine was completely straight. You could actually see how it had shifted. I also would like to let you know that the Revival never ended…it is still going on now. I am so grateful you allow God to use you. You have blessed my family because of that and I am sure many others feel the same way I do.

Jessica M, Clinton, North Carolina, United States.

Very successful tent meeting
I have been involved with many evangelists. Frank is tops in his field! His heart is to win the lost and minister to the Body of Christ. He has a faith that has been built by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Our tent meeting with 16 churches was very successful. In six days of meetings we saw over 200 people come to Christ, 60 baptized in the Holy Spirit and people healed. Frank is an evangelist you can count on.

Bill L, Richmond, IN, United States.

God provides
When Frank Butler came to our church I went up for prayer for God to supply the money for me to go to Bible school. That morning after church, a couple talked to my mom and told her that they wanted to pay my way for me to go to Bible school. God is so good! And another couple is going to give me money too. And people put money in the offering for me too. God is providing above and beyond what I ever expected. I know this couldn’t happen without Him! With God, all things are possible! Praise God!

Ashley B, Houston, TX, United States

Fibromyalgia healed
I am 57 years old and after going to a doctor and then to a specialist I was diagnosed with fibromyalgie in 1988. It is a very painful disease that effects the nerve endings and it was all over my body. I was told there was no cure and I would have to learn to live with the pain. I ended up taking 20-30 pills a day but was still in so much pain. The doctor said that I would have to stop working because of my illness. I was prayed for many times but not healed. In March 1997, Frank Butler came to our church. All through the first meeting on Sunday morning I was in so much pain and was crying out to God. At the end of the meeting Frank said he would be praying for the sick at the evening service. I cried out to God and then he said if someone could not wait until evening he would pray for them. I hurried forward along with others. I was the first one he laid hands on and I fell under the Spirit of the Lord and started to shake. Later when I got up I was tingling all over my body which continued until the next day. The next day I went to work and told everyone the Lord had healed me. I never took another pill! Don’t ever give up because God does hear your prayers. He will answer. I am in good health today, I am working full time and telling everyone I can about my healing!

Carmen L, Minot, ND, United States.

Mother’s hives healed and her son filled with the Holy Spirit
I have had thousands of itching hives all over my body everyday for the last nine years. The pain from the hives was so severe that it felt as if I was burned. They were even in my ears, my mouth, between my toes, and on the bottom of my feet. I went to see several allergy doctors and a dermatologist. The doctors always commented that it was the worst case they had ever seen. I used every drug and antihistamine on the market, but nothing worked. In January 2004, Frank prayed for me to be healed, I confessed I was healed, and I have not had hives since. In the same service my thirteen year old son received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.

Lisa H, Ghent, KY, United States.

Saved, set free from drugs and alcohol – now a Pastor
Even though I once knew the Lord Jesus I began to use heavy drugs and alcohol. As a result I lost everything I had worked for. I lost my house, car, marriage, and my dignity. In 1987 my mother talked me into going to a church service where Frank Butler was the guest speaker. At first I refused to go because I had been drinking, but feeling sorry for myself, I went anyway. I experienced for the first time in my life the realness of God’s presence and the prophetic gift that flowed through Bro. Frank. One brother had just finished telling me his sad story before we arrived at the church. When Bro. Frank prayed for him he repeated every word he had told me — I was astonished, and was trying to figure it out! While I was seated, all of a sudden Bro. Frank pointed his finger at me and asked me very firmly, “What about you?” The fear, and the conviction of the Lord shot through me like a lighting bolt. I stood shaking, I wanted to lie as I used to lie very well, but I could not lie under the great feeling of conviction that engulfed me. When I confessed that I was a backslider he replied, “You have spoken truthfully!” I was so shocked I immediately sobered up! I was thrust to a new place in God and have never been the same since that encounter. I still thank God for using his servant Bro. Frank. Today, I pastor a growing church and at that time I would never have thought Bro. Frank would still be in my life, conducting revivals in our church. Many have been filled with the power of the Holy Ghost under his ministry, and we enjoy it when Bro. Frank comes to share God’s love with us. I greatly rejoice and magnify the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation and deliverance he has done in my life.

John B, Corsicana, TX, United States.

Set free from drugs, depression and suicide
In 1991 I had some menopausal symptoms and the doctors put me on hormone pills which caused depression in me. The doctors kept changing my dosage and I became very stressed and was having anxiety attacks. When the doctors couldn’t help me they sent me to psychiatric doctors. After trying me on different pills nothing worked. When I admitted myself to a hospital for 30 days I was placed in a mental ward where I was drugged even more. At this point I was severely depressed and suicidal and the psychiatrists told my husband they would like to try electric shock treatment. My family was so upset they took me out of the hospital. They told them they were not going to allow them to “fry my brain” as they had already done enough damage. I admitted myself to a drug rehab treatment center at a cost of $15,000 to get off the drugs I had become addicted to. When I left thirty days later I was still addicted. Here I was, a person who never drank alcohol or done drugs, now a drug addict! I felt so ashamed and I couldn’t help myself. Five times I had attempted suicide. I never thought I would get better because I had tried so many things and nothing was working. In June 1995 I went to a church and the evangelist was very anointed. In his services there had been a lot of miracles. I was determined to go. I went forward and the evangelist, Frank Butler, prayed for me. I felt different. The spirit of depression was broken. I was totally set free! No more drugs no withdrawal! My relatives saw a miraculous transformation in me and the doctors were amazed! I have remained free, I have a good job, and I give all praise and glory to the Lord!

Leatha H, Parker, CO, United States.

Students find salvation and are filled with the Holy Spirit
After Frank shared his testimony and the Word of God, many students came forward at the altar call for salvation and to rededicate their lives to Christ. Many others received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The fruit of his ministry was holiness in the lives of our college students. Many who were lukewarm were set on fire for God and destroyed things in their lives that were leading them astray such as secular CDs, rock and roll music, ungodly videos and the like.

Dave B, State University, Winona, MN, United States.

Genuine revival
We experienced genuine Revival and Refreshing. Just numerous salvations, healings, and wonderful deliverances. One woman diagnosed as having colon cancer went through surgery and the doctors came out in bewilderment not finding none. Everyone not baptized in the Holy Spirit was!

Randy V, Westminster, CO, United States.

Slipped rib healed and delivered from oppression
A wonderful healing testimony has come in from your meetings with us. A lady who has 5 children, has suffered for a number of years with a slipped rib, which has caused much pain and discomfort. Well, Jesus healed her when you prayed for her, and now she can do all of her housework and is able to pick her children up. Also, at the same time, she was delivered of an oppressive spirit, she felt it leave her body and she cannot get over how all the depression she has felt for most of her life has now gone. She has not had to have any sleeping tablets since. Praise the Lord!

Yvonne D, Melbourne, Australia.

Pneumonia healed
In the past 25 years I have had pneumonia many times and I was very tired of what seemed to be an unending cycle. In April ’98, about two weeks before Brother Butler’s arrival at my church where I serve as secretary, I was talking to the Lord about how defeated I always felt every time I got sick. I would rebuke the infirmity each time, pray for God to heal me of all the symptoms, and believe that He would, but to no avail. So, over the years, I came to accept that pneumonia would be a way of life for me. The doctor who treated me said, “Once your lungs become this weakened, there’s not much chance that they will ever get better or stronger, so you’ll probably always be vulnerable in that area.” As Brother Frank preached God’s Word at the morning service I heard the Lord say to me, “Daughter, you’ve asked Me to heal your symptoms. Why haven’t you asked Me to heal your lungs?” So, when Bro. Frank issued the appeal that God would heal those who called on Him, at that very moment, in that very place, I responded by going forward for prayer. I reminded the Lord what He had said to me and waited for His touch. It was not long in coming. I suddenly felt heat and a sharp pressure at the base of my left lung. It felt like two strong fingers were reaching right through my body. This was followed by amazing relief. I knew that God had kept His word. That night, I danced all over the sanctuary something I couldn’t do before! The real test, though, was our Christmas program. Inevitably, I have always gotten sick right after the production was over. Always pneumonia. But this year, I did not get sick and I expect to continue to stay healthy. God is able, more than able, to do what He says He will do. He is The God who heals!

Marion G, Pueblo, CO, United States.

Signs and wonders conference
Frank conducted a “Signs and Wonders Conference” for our church. I was thrilled to see people so wonderfully blessed service after service. There were 5 saved for the first time. Many who were cold and “on the edge” made new and stronger commitments to the Lord. We saw 11 filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time. There were some outstanding healings that have remained. There were many visitors from the community and surrounding towns that attended when they heard about what was going on at the conference.

Bob K, Archer City, TX, United States.

Hearing healed
Margaret suffered from a serious hearing disability. When Frank gave a call for people with healing needs, Margaret “knew” that appeal was for her. She took the enormous step to overcome her shyness and went forward for prayer. As Frank laid his hands on her ears, he prayed and told her she would never use her hearing aids again! Margaret received her healing that night and hasn’t worn her hearing aids since! Now she can hear EVERYTHING! The doorbell, the phone, and every bit of the church service!

Mike C, Melbourne, Australia

Various healings
The Lord touched people physically. One brother’s tendons in his elbow were healed. One was healed of stomach problems. A sister who had sleep problems was healed. Many more were touched in various ways by the Lord. Praise His wonderful Name.

Wes B, Eaton, OH, United States.

Cancer healed
In 1992 I received two bad reports from my doctor, and they both said the same, possible carcinoma (cancerous tumor) of the gallbladder. Shortly before my surgery I attended a service where Frank Butler was preaching. After I received prayer I was slain in the Spirit. I was healed in the service. Praise the Lord!

Lula S, Highlands, TX, United States.

Eleven year-old saved, now a Youth Pastor
In 1988 Bro. Frank came to our church and in the services the Holy Spirit was moving mightily. When he gave the invitation for salvation I went forward to accept Jesus Christ into my heart. I was eleven years old. Today I am 23 years old, married to a beautiful woman of God and serving Jesus with all my heart. My wife and I are praise and worship leaders and youth Pastors at my parents church.

Sullivan W, Alvin, TX, United States

My brother was released from intensive care
My brother Dave was put into intensive care the night before your services started. At the hospital on Saturday night they wanted to know about life support because they did not think he would make it through the night. You prayed with me for my brother’s healing and salvation on Monday night. On Tuesday I came to the service with the report that Dave had been moved out of intensive care. On Wednesday you prayed for my brother once again. I am writing to let you know that Dave came home from the hospital today. Two days ago the doctor said the only way he would leave the hospital was if he was transferred to a long-term care facility. God is indeed a Great God.

Sue E, Detroit, MI, United States.

Humbled by God’s Spirit
I want to thank the Lord for your ministry at our church. The blessings received have humbled me. I received the blessing of the Holy Spirit and have felt something deep inside my belly ever since. I left the service that day and knew I was different and that I needed to keep praying in tongues and seeking the Lord.

Bill B, Austin, TX, United States.

Voice healed
I’m so glad that the Lord led you to come to my church. The Lord healed my voice. I started having speech problems in 1992 after the doctor told me I had a had a thyroid problem. He started me on medication and told me I had a sluggish thyroid. I have had a problem losing weight because of my metabolism. Sometimes I would speak and nothing would come out and in the morning when I woke up my voice was very hoarse. On Sunday morning when you laid hands on me the Lord healed my voice. Thanks be to my Lord on high, I am healed.

Lydia R, Newton Grove, NC, United States.

Many testimonies
I’ve seen many ministries come in, preach, and then leave. Frank didn’t do that! He left a deposit with us that has added to the overall strength of our congregation. God used Frank to stir our faith for the miraculous and healing. I’m still hearing testimonies from many who were baptized in the Holy Spirit. He blessed many through the preaching of the Word.

Sonny M, Winona, MN, United States.

Peace of mind that I have never had before
Thank you so much Bro. Butler for the word and the blessings that I have received this week from revival. May God Bless you for the Lords work you do. I will always remember you and the word that you spoke for the Lord. I have a peace of mind that I have never had before.

Jean H, Jacksonville, FL, United States.

New freedom in the Lord
After Evangelist Frank Butler prayed for all who were present at the family camp, many began laughing in the Spirit, but I found myself crying. I felt totally “out of it” and felt very depressed. The Lord gave me a vision of my hands being handcuffed and then Evangelist Butler said, “Some of you need to cry today.” Immediately, I sensed that the handcuffs were broken, and I felt free to cry. I later spoke to Evangelist Butler and thanked him for obeying the Lord. Since this service, I have been freer in the Lord than I ever have been before.

Oliver B, Schofield, WI, United States.

Depression healed
I was at church on New Year’s Eve when you asked for people with emotional problems to come forward. I had been feeling extremely depressed. I usher at the church and I was feeling so horribly down that I wanted to stay home rather than go to church. I went out of obedience to the Lord. Anyway, I came home feeling much the same, went to bed, and when I got up, the horrible feeling that I had was gone. Praise the Lord!

Wayne G, Sagamore Hills, OH, United States.

Pain from prostate surgery gone
A man in our church had been in pain for quite some time from prostate surgery. He said that while you were praying for him he felt this burning sensation throughout his body and the pain left him.

Brent H, Commerce Township, MI, United States.

Sciatica nerve healed
Last month I pinched my sciatica nerve in my back and I have been limping around ever since. While sitting in the service I felt something flow through my body. I went home and when I woke up the next morning I could walk without a limp. The Lord had healed me. Praise God.

Cathleen W, Quartzsite, AZ, United States.

My 13 year old’s injured knee is healed as she is Baptized with the Holy Spirit
Before church my 13 year old daughter, Aimee, injured her knee playing ball. Her knee was bandaged up and she had crutches because she could not bare weight on it. Aimee said we could go to church. When there was an altar call for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Aimee was afraid to go so I said I’ll go with you. This was the first time she had gone forward for prayer. As we prayed in the Spirit she lifted her hands and the crutches fell to the ground. She left that night never to be the same carrying her crutches home. I wiped away my tears, smiled, and gave thanks to the Lord our God.

Marg S, Alhambra, IL, United States.

Encouraged and challenged
During each series of services Frank was dynamic; he connected with the youth and the adults, and also with the saved and unsaved. He encouraged and challenged our church body to take our faith and relationship with Christ to a new level beyond our church services. His teaching from the Word was insightful and showed us how to live each day from a practical, Biblical perspective. He also stirred within us a desire for God’s presence and for an expectation of miracles.

Bob W, Scranton, PA, United States.

Healed after suffering from arthritis for 37 years
I have had arthritis since I was 24 years old. It started in my hands, then my back, my arms, and legs. I suffered from so much pain and stiffness over the years and it hurt so much I did not want to do anything. I could not bend my fingers, could not make a fist, and could not even open a bottle of water. I am now 61 years old and when I found out Frank Butler was going to be in my town I said I am going to go for my healing. I just knew if I could see Frank I would be healed. I was ready for the healing and that’s what happened. I went to the church and got my healing. I can now open water bottles by myself and do things that I could not do before. I open and close my fingers and make a fist several times a day now. I thank my God for my healing every day and I am thankful to Frank for coming to out town.

Jane S, Philippi, WV, United States.

Filled with the Holy Spirit
Sunday morning I taught Children’s Church. I walked up the stairs as Evangelist Butler was giving an invitation for people to receive the Holy Spirit. It felt like the Holy Spirit was pulling me down the aisle. I hadn’t heard the message that morning, but the Lord blessed me when I was filled and I can’t praised the Lord enough. Thank you Bro. Butler for your truth and love for God’s people.

Joyce M, Alton, IL, United States.

Cyst gone and lower back pain healed
I had a cyst on my back and severe pain in my lower back. Bro. Butler called me out and said the Lord was going to heal my body that night. He had no way of knowing my needs but God did. I was slain in the Spirit. My cyst is gone and by God’s mercy and grace I am totally healed. I thank God.

Betty D, Bradenton, FL, United States.

Sinuses healed
Frank has been a long time friend. I had been suffering with a sinus infection for over 6 months. The medicines the doctor gave simply did not work. I called him and he prayed for me over the telephone. The next day ALL SYMPTOMS WERE TOTALLY GONE. Nothing less than a miracle. I appreciate the simplicity Frank preaches about Jesus our Lord. He makes the word of God a life changing reality if we do what the word says.

Steve F, Baytown, TX, United States.

Autistic child recovering and salvations
I brought a 3 year old autistic boy and his mother to the healing service. While at the service, the mother gave her life to the Lord. The young child who was evaluated by a developmental specialist documented that he had only 4 words in his vocabulary and he avoided eye contact. I noticed the morning after the service that he spoke a word I had never heard him using and then used two words together….something he had not ever done. Today I noticed the child and his mother playing. I called out his name and he ran to my daughter with his arms outstretched. He made eye contact! His mother revealed to me that his vocabulary has grown up to 60 words. She said she writes a new word to his list daily! He is well on his way to a complete restoration and we are all thankful to God and his vessel Frank Butler. We will keep you informed of his progress and will fax documentation after his next evaluation. I also want to thank you for making my cousin who is a “rock band” member feel comfortable. Most churches look at the long hair and tatoos and do not get to the heart. He gave his heart to the Lord that night and I know it was because you took the time to make him feel accepted. Thanks!

Lori L, Fort Kent, ME, United States.

Thanks to God for letting me get pregnant
Thank you for praying for me at the service. I am already pregnant. The doctors confirmed that I am pregnant. Please keep praying for me and the baby that I am carrying. I know that God is sending me this gift. Please keep praying for my family and that everything goes fine during my pregnancy. Thanks for praying and thanks to God for answering

Norma S, Oxnard, CA, United States.

Pastor with diabetes, who died 6 times, healed via prayer cloth
One night you were praying for the sick and I came forward for a Pastor friend of mine in Louisville, KY. My friend was in the hospital with congestive heart failure. He was a diabetic as well and surgery was not an option. He had a defibrillator that had fired at least 6 times which means that he had died 6 times. The doctors said that if they operated it would be like operating on a dead man. You and I prayed over a prayer cloth (some tissues) and I took them to him the next day. God has healed our brother and now he is back preaching and attending his grandsons football games. He is a new man, THANKS TO GOD and thank you for your prayers.

Jim H, Harrodsburg, KY, United States.

Headaches healed and refilled with the Holy Spirit, laughter, and joy
I received healing from severe headaches. I had been getting migraine headaches to the point I was sick. I was praying that God would heal me of emotional, spiritual and physical sickness. I had been feeling half empty due to some things that had happened. The Lord filled me back up completely with the Holy Spirit and laughter and joy that I had never experienced. I began to notice that I didn’t have the headaches anymore. I let one day pass to see what happened, then two, then three days. Praise God the headaches are gone. Thank You Jesus for healing me!

Robin B, Mountain Home, AR, United States.

Delivered from smoking, drugs, alcohol, porn, and now an ordained minister
I was a smoker for 22 years averaging a pack a day for most of those years. At the evening service last night I was delivered from the addiction of smoking INSTANTLY and I knew it! All Glory belongs to God! I haven’t had any of the “normal” cravings that I’ve experienced while trying to quit countless times before. Not only that I received the Holy Spirit. All I can say is WOW, what a night! Since that time, not only have I never picked up smoking again nor any of the other addictions that I was plagued with, drugs, alcohol, porn, my wife and I are now leaders in the church and in August I was Ordained. God is still in the miracle working business! We just need to believe and receive! God again I thank you and give you all the glory, praise, and honor!

Kevin Q, Joppa, MD, United States.

Gout healed
Frank preached on healing and laid hands on me and my feet were healed from gout. I ran to the back of the church and later I went to Walmart and walked all over the store and my feet were totally free from all pain. Three days later I am still healed. Praise the Lord!

Gerald H, Greenwood, AR, United States.

Released everything to the Lord
At the end of the service Mr. Butler asked, “Anyone want to receive the Holy Spirit?” I very much believed in the Lord but had never spoken in tongues until that day. I remember just praying in a language that I’ve never spoken or could understand. I saw a bright light around me, tears rolled down my face like a never ending water fall, and my spirit released everything to the Lord. I also, remember thinking how long is this going to last. Even now I get chills when I think about it. I am so thankful Father!

Sherry W, Waxahachie, TX, United States.

Radiculopathy healed
I somehow developed radiculopathy (a condition where one or more nerves do not work properly) which caused much pain in my left arm and shoulder. The pain was so bad I would apply scalding heat, to get relief from the pain. A spinal neurologist told me that two of my discs had fallen in on my spinal cord. I was placed on narcotics to help relieve the pain and surgery was needed. The discs would be removed and two hinge-like devices would be placed in my neck. Frank came to our church around that time. I went up to be prayed for. I was healed through God’s goodness and mercy. The relief was amazing. I claimed it, believed it, and I am PAIN FREE. Glory to Jesus!

Una G, Richland, PA, United States.

Pain in shoulder healed
Because of an injury I have had pain in my shoulder for some time. During the Monday night service, I was slain in the spirit. When I attempted to get up, my shoulder had so much pain in it. I just laid back down and prayed again. I asked God to heal my shoulder and said to myself that I would just lay here until I had no more pain. I enjoyed the presence of the Lord and only had to wait a couple of minutes. When I go up there was no more pain. At the end of the service I checked my shoulder again. I moved it all around to make sure I was not feeling any pain. At the close of the service I told my pastor I had been healed. 15 days later I still do not have any pain. Praise God!

Pat S, Maiden, NC, United States.

Severe neck pain gone, movement restored, and sleeping better
Frank has been coming to our church to minister for over 10 years and has always been such a blessing. This past year I have been in severe pain on the right side of my neck from a car wreck I was in, I couldn’t even sleep at night without pain. Frank prayed for me, and I can now move my neck, I am sleeping so much better, and I’m not in severe pain anymore. Praise God for healing and sending the messenger of God, Brother Frank, to lay hands upon me. God is good, all the time!

Vickie L, Jenks, OK, United States.

Great change in my life
You prophesied over me that there would be a great change in my life and there certainly was. I just returned from a seven day mission trip to Costa Rica. We advanced the kingdom by over 5,000 salvation’s and hundreds of miracles. This was my first mission trip and I plan to do more. God is so good!

Scott H, Tulsa, OK, United States.

Blessed by soul winning teaching
I want to thank you for the messages on soul-winning. So full of the Word of God, personal experience, and wisdom! I was so blessed to sit under the Word of God. May you enjoy the full reward of your sowing and example in the Body of Christ!

Debbie S, Scranton, PA, United States

Set free alcohol, crack cocaine, shingles, and cigarettes
When I heard you speak the Spirit in you moved me like never before. When, I prayed along with you something happened. I am now 56 days and 2 and a half hours clean, sober, and healthy. Jesus has miraculously set me free from alcohol, cigarettes, crack cocaine, and shingles; and I feel on fire for God!

Kurt W, Hot Springs, AR, United States.

Lyme disease healed
In May 2009 I got into a nest of ticks and was bitten by several ticks. I was diagnosed with severe Lyme Disease and the symptoms got worse and worse over the next 23 months. I was extremely ill with fatigue, joint pain, viral pneumonia, huge swollen glands, heart problems, and several other illnesses. In February 2013 I was tested again for the disease and I was still positive. My doctor told me that I would likely have the disease forever. In late February at a church service I knew something happened when Frank Butler prayed for me, I felt it. A few days later I had two tests done and they both came back negative. I am so very happy to be free from Lyme Disease. God still heals today. Thank you Jesus!

LaRinda M, Goldendale, WA, United States.

Only Jesus could set me free from chewing tobacco, alcohol, porn, drugs, and suicide
I grew up in church and had always assumed I was saved, but never really had a desire to know the Lord or walk with him. My desire was to fit in with everyone else, I was seeking pleasure and good times. The second I had the freedom to do as I liked, I did just that. It started out with chewing tobacco, alcohol, porn, and then marijuana. My thoughts consisted mostly of suicide for years. I kept trying to change myself but it was just impossible. Since Frank came to my church I am no longer a slave to addictions. lt was easy to stop everything that for so long had ruled my life. I have no more negative thoughts and I now desire the word of God. I was always placing the burden of change on myself, but only Jesus could truly set me free. Today I want to help people and continually praise and thank the Lord!

Anonymous, United States.

Sensitivity to light cured
I went down on the altar call and was anointed and cured. I have been wearing ball caps for 5 years due to light sensitivity. My eyes were free to the light again. As I was taking my glasses off to wipe away the tears, I noticed I could see words on the wall behind the worship team. Usually all I saw was light and I could not read the words, but now I could see them. I went back to my seat and removed my ball cap. I am rejoicing in the glory of God. FREE FREE in God.

Sharon R, League City, TX, United States.

Filled with the Holy Spirit
When I was filled with the Holy Spirit my life was changed forever. I have been praying and believing for months to receive the Holy Spirit. I finally received of the Lord on this day. I claimed it by faith. My faith is stronger than ever. I am more bolder in my walk with Christ. God has proved Himself to me. I am a faith giant and there is nothing I can’t do because the Greater One is inside of me!

Shanaizah H, Grand Blanc, MI, United States.

Feet healed
When Frank prayed for me the Lord made my feet grow. Praise the Lord!

Catherine, T. Canberra, Australia.

Back healed
I had pain for two weeks and sitting thru the service the pain was very uncomfortable. I went forward and asked for prayer. After Frank prayed for me the pain left my back and I could bend over and move without pain. Had a Chiropractor appointment Monday and cancelled it. Thank you Lord Jesus I am healed no pain!

Peggy B, New Philadelphia, OH, United States.

Touched by God
Frank prayed over me and told me to cast my burdens on the Lord, and to not carry or take on other people’s burdens. Next thing I knew I got this force feeling in my chest, and woke on the floor with my body trembling. I was just taking it in and receiving God’s healing. I have never felt this feeling before. I literally felt God. It was the most amazing, loving, healing I have ever felt. I have been casting my burdens and fears on God, and life has been easier for me. I will never forget this experience, and I am glad that the Holy Spirit led me to Frank’s services. Praises to the most high. I love you God, Thank You Jesus.

Laura A, Rock Springs, WY, United States.

Asthma healed
I have had asthma for as long as I can remember. After attending Frank”s meeting it has totally gone! Praise the Lord!

Poly E, Mt. Pleasant, MI, United States

Off ventilator and out of I.C.U.
I asked Frank to pray for healing for Jody, my dearest friend, who had just been put on a ventilator for COPD issues. Just a few days later, she improved enough to have the ventilator removed, and she’s leaving I.C.U. I’m so thankful for the continued progress that the Lord is giving her, Praise His name!!!

Darryl L, Dallas, TX, United States.

Freed from pornography, sexual sins, and diseases
Even though I was a married Christian minister, for many years I was addicted to pornography and sexual sins. I went to a church meeting and Frank was the guest minister. When Frank prayed for me in the Name of Jesus, I was set free from my sexual addictions. It is so good to feel clean from all the uncleanness, darkness, condemnation, guilt, and shame. I was also healed in my body from some diseases. I have stayed clean and I give God all the glory for the liberty I now have in Him!

Anonymous, United States.

Free from prescriptions and weight loss
Frank prayed for me to be free from prescriptions. And I am very happy to give you this praise report. My physician took me off my blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I went on a new eating plan and with the Lord’s help I lost 55 pounds. Thank you so much for praying for me. I give God all the Glory for He is good!.

Carol C, Mt. Pleasant, MI, United States.

Lost 14.9 pounds & blessed

Frank, my husband and I met you in our home church back in November where you were led by the Spirit to preach on health, wellness, and eating. Since then, I’ve changed my eating regime and I’ve lost 14.6 pounds as of today. Balance is what it’s about. You blessed us so much.

Barbara C, Mount Sterling, KY, United States

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep apnea, asthma, and arthritis healed
I was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and asthma in March 2003 and put on oxygen. Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and put on a C-PAP machine at night along with the oxygen. My breathing got worse and I had to use it 24-7 as prescribed by my doctor. On Sunday evening we had a healing service at our church. I had my oxygen on and had suffered for 6 months with such terrible pain from arthritis in both hands, that when the altar call came for people to come forward for healing, I got up there ASAP. My daughter came with me. We were praying by ourselves before Mr. Butler got to us. Just after he started praying for me he stopped and asked the whole church to start praying for me. He asked me to take the oxygen tube off if I could, and I did. After the service as I was walking to the door to leave without oxygen I felt like I was standing and walking straighter. I can’t explain it any other way than to say I had a realignment in my skeletal frame. When I got home and ready for bed I realized I didn’t feel the need for the oxygen and C-PAP machines. So I didn’t use them that night or since. My lung doctor could not refute the oxygen level tests. The oxygen equipment was all returned the same week I saw my doctor. And to this day I have no more pain in my hands. Is God good or what? Everyone says they can see a difference in me and they don’t hear me wheezing anymore. I feel great and can say with absolute certainty, Jesus still heals, saves, and fills people with the Holy Ghost. Praise His Holy Name.

Ginney T, Warner Robbins, GA, United States.

Liver healed and transplant cancelled
Before attending your service for prayer I had been hospitalized several times because of internal bleeding and other complications. I was on the liver transplant list at the University of Maryland and diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis due to hepatitis C. When I went for an ultrasound of my liver last Friday and picked up a copy of my results it said “NO focal liver ABNORMALITY is seen “. Praise the Lord! I am believing God that my doctors will visit my church and present medical verification of a miracle. Thank you for your prayers. God is awesome!

Diane K, Baltimore, MD, United States.

Eye sight healed
I heard Frank was coming to out church and knew he was a firm believer in the laying on of hands. For sometime I had been struggling with my sight. It was difficult to read, I began having terrible migraine headaches, blurred vision, and eyes crossing. The doctors ran tests but could not find the cause and could not help me. The week before the service I told everybody I met that I was going to be healed next Sunday morning when hands were laid on me. I knew that Jesus bore the stripes so I could be healed. Sure enough, when the altar call came Frank laid his hands upon me and I was healed. And I knew it! I could read a Texas road map, and you know how small that is. When Frank preached God’s Word about healing that day, you couldn’t help but get healed! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God. Thank you Jesus!

Daphne B, Waller, TX, United States.

Miracles today
We experienced a great move of God during the June meetings with Australian born Evangelist Frank Butler. Miracles were the order of the day as dozens were saved, over 25 received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, two were healed of scoliosis, several were healed of asthma (including a young child), and many were set free from smoking and other addictions

Pastor Ken, Dunn, NC.

Diabetes, heart condition, arthritis, and degeneration of the spine healed
I have had diabetes for 8 years and a heart condition for 3 years, with three heart stints since 2005. When Frank called people up for prayer I went down the front for healing of my diabetes, heart condition, arthritis, and degeneration of the spine. When I awoke the next day I forgot to take my heart and diabetes medications. I felt so good, I had no pain, so I didn’t take any pills. It has been two weeks now with no pills, no side effects, and I don’t have to spend $700 a month on medications anymore! Thank you Frank for been faithful. Praise God, I am rejoicing in the Lord Jesus every day.

Caroline D, Portland, OR, United States.

Arthritis healed as I rededicated my life to the Lord
I visited a church for the first time to hear Frank after seeing a newspaper add about a preacher who used to be a rock musician. I came to the front for help and to renew my faith in the Lord. I did not come up for healing and to tell the truth I was very skeptical of “these healings”. When Mr. butler put his hands on my head it felt like an electrical charge going through my body. I felt like I was washed in the presence of the Lord and I felt like crying and laughing at the same time. Immediately I felt something in my right hand. This hand has hurt me from arthritis for over two years. It had been really painful and I was told by the orthopedic doctor that I needed surgery. I took the brace I was wearing off to push on the sore spots and there was no pain in my hand. I can now use my hand for activities that I have not been able to do for two years. Needless to say I now believe in healing, I am going to church, and my faith in the Lord is renewed. I have not been a regular church goer for years, but that has changed.

Julie L, Duluth, MN, United States.

Jewish husband becomes a Christian
In January 2006 Frank came to town. He gave a straight forward, simple, direct Gospel message. After church my husband, Allan, an usaved Jew, wanted to meet Frank personally. We went to lunch with Frank and others from our church. Frank said that before he left he would like to take care of the salvation problem. After lunch he looked at Allan and said, “Are you ready to pray? Everyone repeat with Allan as he repeats after me.” That was it. Done! Allan said that it didn’t even hurt. Wow! Thank you Frank and thank the Lord!

Allan & Linda Z, Wheaton, IL, United States.

Fresh Anointing
I came expecting God to do something different. Thank you, for bringing a fresh anointing to God’s word, with the fruits and gifts of the spirit to save, heal, and deliver. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Joy T, Moss Point, MS, United States.

Neuropathy and fatigue healed
I have been through two cancer diagnoses with double treatments and open-heart surgery. I have been dealing with the neuropathy, that effects my fingers and toes, and the fatigue which relates to the chemotherapy treatments. Fatigue is very hard to explain, but you feel you never really rest. At the service I prayed for complete healing from the chemotherapy. Last night when I went to bed, I had no such feelings, my hands and feet were warm and not tingling, and I could rest without the weak feeling. Praise God!

Carroll J, Alton, IL, United States.

My 80 year old mother’s knees healed and a prophetic word that set me free
Rev. Butler, you agreed with me that my mom, who lives in another state, would not have a knee replacement, regardless of her age and other health problems, you actually anointed me for her. The surgery was cancelled, my mother is doing good, she is driving, and back in church. Thank God for the prayer of agreement and for your obedience by asking the congregation to come and be anointed or get hands laid on for a love one. Also, thank God for that beautiful word of prophecy from the Lord, it freed me of an old ugly church hurt.

Annett D, Jacksonville, FL, United States.

Lyme disease healed because of “Bubble Gum”
In 1991 my six year old daughter Melissa was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Our family lived in a highly wooded farm district in New Jersey where Lyme disease was common. This disease caused headaches, rashes, fever and pain in her joints. The headaches were compounded by some learning disorders and neurological problems. One doctor recommended Melissa be put on a daily intravenous schedule of antibiotics. In 1993 while attending a service where Frank Butler was speaking there was prayer for the sick at the end of the service. Melissa refused to go forward for prayer, saying that if God wanted to heal her, He would have done so when she was prayed for on previous occasions. Finally, she went forward and Frank prayed for her and she was healed! I discovered months later, that my eleven year old son had convinced her to go up for prayer by bribing her with a piece of bubble gum!

Jeanette M, Spring, TX, United States.

My 8 year old daughter filled with the Holy Spirit
I really enjoyed your visit to our church last Sunday. It is a day I will always remember because my 8 year old daughter was baptized in the Holy Spirit! And, if I might add, she is speaking in tongues everyday! Praise God! Thanks, again and may God richly bless you and your family and your ministry.

Pam A, Huntsville, AL, United States.

Filled with the Holy Spirit
I have attended many seminars and conventions over the last few years, praying for a breakthrough in my spiritual language. One night I went to hear Evangelist Frank Butler. At the end of the altar call for salvation he made an altar call for healing. I responded and when he prayed for me I went down under the power of the anointing. He made another call for those who wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Having been prayed for so many times, I was a little nervous to respond until my friend who was baptized in the Holy Spirit came out and asked for more. I thought if he can ask for more I can be filled for the first time. I tried to get up but my legs wouldn’t hold me, so I sat up and put my hand up. Two ladies knelt down beside me and started praying for me, but as usual nothing was happening. I sat on the floor saying, “I can’t, I can’t.” Suddenly I looked up to see brother Frank kneeling beside me on one knee, wagging his finger at me, saying, “don’t you say I can’t, say I can in the Name of Jesus, for the Bible says in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I felt something bubbling up inside of me which I thought was laughter because I saw the funny side of how Bro. Frank was speaking to me. But all of a sudden a beautiful language was flowing from me and I received the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord He has a real sense of humor by using Brother Frank to reach me in that way.

Jean H, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

Baptized in the Holy Spirit
I longed to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. I prayed and cried out to the Lord for the gift of tongues for about twelve years. One weekend Frank Butler came to our church for Miracle Healing meetings. He gave a word that someone had been praying for years for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and that today was the day to receive. I went forward and Bro. Butler came towards me to lay hands on me. Before he touched me I began speaking in other tongues. Today I help my husband pastor a church.

Mary W, Alvin, TX, United States

High blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis healed
My father and grandfather were both Baptist preachers. I was brought up to go to church, softly sing hymns and behave in a proper manner. I’m not quiet sure what made me ready to be healed at this particular time but for the first time ever I was ready to completely surrender everything to the Lord, including control of my body. Letting go has been a real problem for me. I believe it’s what has prevented my healing for so long. I suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis in my low back. The problems with my neck, arms, hands and fingers were caused by an auto accident. I had to sit down in worship services due to the pain in my back. I couldn’t raise my hands all the way because of pain and restriction of movement in my shoulders and arms. When I came to the front Sunday morning it hurt until Frank prayed for me! The Holy Spirit touched me and since then I’ve felt better and stronger everyday. I’ve been able to stand without pain and pick things up without dropping them. And you just try to make me sit down during the worship service you can’t do it! I bought Frank’s book, “God’s Ways of Healing,” I couldn’t go to sleep until I finished reading it and I slept like a baby when I finished it. Today, my testimony is, I HAD high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis in my low back. This new freedom has made me love Jesus even more.

Teri A, Pearland, TX, United States.

Set free from pornography
I am an eighteen year old young man who WAS addicted to pornography. I would spend three to four hours, four or five days a week, looking at porn. One of the nights Frank was there he gave a word at the end of the service that somebody was addicted to porn and that that person would go to hell if he didn’t repent. I knew that word was for me. The next day I went and talked with my pastor and Brother Frank and they gave me some counsel. I also went up to get prayed for for deliverance. Praise the Lord! I haven’t looked at one pornographic image or looked at one girl lustfully! Jesus has set me free!

Anonymous, United States.

Diabetes healed
I came to camp meeting believing for a miracle from God and I did not leave disappointed. My blood sugar for the last 2 years has been between 296 and 412 because of diabetes. When I had hands laid on me and had prayer for control of my blood sugar I knew I had been touched by God. After the service I went home and tested my sugar. It was 111! Only two hours before it had been 296 and I didn’t take any medication between those tests. My sugar continues to stay low and I know by eating properly and believing in God’s miracle working power, I am healed! Glory to God!

Gill, Port Charlotte, FL, United States.

Chains broken by the power of the Holy Spirit
I’m the 19 year old guy that started speaking in tongues as I was being prayed for. I just wanted to tell you that through you Frank, God has started something wonderful in me. I truly feel the hand of God strongly on my life. Glory to the Lamb of God! I yield to His will more now and I’m on fire for God all the time. I feel His Holy Spirit every single day. I just know God is going to use me for something great. I have felt a calling to become a minister for many years. I just didn’t know what it was, until now. I tried to fill that calling with the occult, pornography, etc, but now the chains have been broken, our Savior has set me free, and I will joyfully serve Him. Thank you so much, God bless you.

Scott S, Northport, FL, United States.

Filled with the Holy Spirit and healed
I recently attended a crusade at my church where Frank Butler was the guest speaker. At the third service Frank gave an altar call to receive the Holy Spirit with the gift of tongues. I went forward for prayer. It’s something I always wanted….but thought I could not do. At first I did not know what to expect but when Frank placed his hand on my forehead and prayed over me it felt like fire and I saw a bright light. All of a sudden I began to pray in tongues and interpret, speaking praises to God. There is nothing that can compare to what the Lord is doing in my life. Speaking in tongues is the most heavenly experience I have ever had! Also, a few years ago I fell and injured my left knee. Over a period of time it caused bone deterioration, loss of cartilage, excruciating pain and excessive fluid build-up. On the second last night I went forward for total healing and the Lord healed my leg. Throughout the crusade Frank invited me to share my testimony and lay hands on others who were seeking the Holy Spirit baptism. I have a new joy, new zeal and I desire to exercise the gifts of the Holy Ghost. I give Jesus all the praise and glory!

Gloria S, Houston, TX, United States.

Many delivered and set free
Evangelist Frank Butler visited recently, and God confirmed His word with signs following. Many people were ministered to, delivered and set free from garbage in their lives. During this three day period we had over 30 new families visit the church!

Randy K, Williston, ND, United States.

Woman off life support and healed
I came forward for someone else to be healed, it was my dear friend. When I drove to the hospital she was on life support system. They had diagnosed her with a large tumor in her left lung, which was pushing against her esophagus and spots in both lungs. I had taken a prayer cloth from the service and within six days she was out of the hospital. God is not only healing her body, but her soul and spirit as well. And that is who you prayed for as I stood in for her. God is so faithful!

Joyce H, Burbank, CA, United States.

Knees healed at tent revival
I had been suffering from a degenerative joint disease for the last four years and had constant pain, especially in my knees. During the first night of the tent meeting I felt God speak to me that, by faith in His Word I would be healed. Each evening for three nights as I sat in the tent and evangelist Frank Butler prayed over the sick and suffering that responded to the altar call, I felt God tell me to pray for others that I might also receive the blessing. Every night I felt something that I can barely describe. I felt Holy Spirit “fire” swirling around my joints like warm oil. And every night my knees became more and more less painful. I was taking arthritis pain medication daily before the tent meetings and now have absolutely no pain and have regained full use of my knees…even to the point of being able to kneel in prayer. I praise God for His healing power and for his servant Frank Butler, who obediently came to Richmond, IN, and by God’s grace and power healed me and many others. I know of another sister who suffered from out-of-control high blood pressure. After the meetings her doctor told her her blood pressure was normal! And yet another sister testified that she no longer has back pain. Glory to God!

Jacqueline W, Richmond, IN, United States.

No more fibromyalgia or oppression
I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1995. It is a very painful disease of the muscle. I had decided not to take any medication for it. So I basically was in pain most of the time. I really had never asked God to heal it, I am not sure why, but I hadn’t. And when I heard you tell of the testimony of the lady getting healed of fibromyalgia I knew that that night was my night. I went forward and you prayed for me. You also prayed away oppression. Not only did the oppression go away but I went back to my seat and began testing my muscles and I had no pain, and I continue to have no pain in my muscles. God is so good and truly to be praised!

Joyce H, Burbank, CA, United States.

People saved, healed, delivered, and filled with the Holy Spirit
We enjoyed having you here. Nine more received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the services Sunday morning. Praise God! Thats a total of 40+!! Also 30+ were saved, rededicated, multiple numbers delivered and healed in the crusade services. To God be the glory!

Ken M, Clinton, NC, United States.

Set free from smoking and healed from histoplasmosis
Thank you for coming to our church. I was healed of a breathing problem I have had since I was 17 years of age. I contacted histoplasmosis when I lived around a cotton gin, and where you find cotton gins you find pigeons, and this lung fungus is caused by birds or pigeons. I have had a breathing problem for many years, but sometimes it worsens during the spring. I was healed of smoking two years ago at one of your services at our church, and this time I had gotten to a point that I could not get a good breath again. That night I went up for healing of this problem, because all the doctors said that there was not a cure for this lung fungus. But I put it in God’s hands and He healed me. I can now breath without a problem, and I know I have been healed by the grace of God. I bought your book and CD. I love the songs you sing, especially “Fresh Oil”. I have learned a lot from reading your book, I learned with faith all thing are possible through Jesus.

Ann J, Greenville, MS, United States.

Back pain healed
I came forward to have my back healed. When you touched my neck I got a tingling feeling all over my body. It lasted for 2 hours. The next day I didn’t have to take a pain pill to get out of bed. I am so relieved that my back does not hurt everyday. My chiropractor said it had improved. I have been going there every week for over 12 years and I have never had these results, only temporary relief. I want to thank you and my Lord and Savior.

Joyce C, Sutter Creek, CA, United States.

16 year old set free from pornography addiction
I was addicted to pornography when I was thirteen. I don’t know how it even started, and I tried to stop the addiction by my own strength but I could not stop, until Evangelist Frank Butler came to my church for a camp meeting. Over the week I felt more and more convicted until the last night of the meetings. Frank talked about it and told us to talk to a church leader privately. When I was in the prayer line the Holy Spirit told me to tell Frank and I did. I did not feel embarrassed telling him, and when he prayed for me I felt God’s power soar through me and I felt the the burden lift off of me and I truly felt free!! I was sixteen when I was set free. To God I give the Glory, honor, and the praise!

Anonymous, United States

Miraculous sale of our home
My wife and I wanted to sell our home quickly to relocate to a new pastoral position. We decided to send a financial gift to Frank Butler Ministries. We never hired a realtor, placed an add anywhere, or put a sign in the front yard to say the house was for sale. The same day we mailed the check a man arrived on our front porch and said, “I heard this house is for sale”. Two days later he agreed to our full asking price. It was a one thousand fold blessing on the seed we had sown into Frank Butler Ministries. We praise God and thank Him for this miracle of provision!

Scott & Stephanie M, Tampa, FL, United States.

Free from pain and received the Holy Spirit
I have been injured and out of work since 2003 with low back, neck, shoulder and elbow. I could not lift my right arm up in the air or clap my hands together do to my injury. I could not stand, sit or bend over with out my back locking or just hurting very bad. New Years Eve 2006 I received the greatest gift from God that any one could receive…I received the Holy Spirit baptism spoke in tongues. I then left the church without any pain and I am still pain free. I have been thanking God for bringing you to us and praising Him for the great blessings He has blessed me with. Amen!

Janice N, Macedonia, OH, United States.

Fresh zeal to tell others about Jesus
Thank you for a bringing a fresh anointing of God’s Word, with the Truth and gifts of the spirit to save, heal, and deliver. You blessed our church. We needed to be up moving and praising God. That is what you did for us, you got people up and praising God. It was very refreshing and a great joy to have someone in our church whom reminds us of what it can be like. Because of you today I asked three different people if they knew Jesus. I didn’t “wait for that door to open” I just did it. One of them said they would like to come to church with me next week! I phoned my husband and he got excited just listening to my excitement. God bless you and keep you always.a

Laurie B, Eugene, OR, United States.

Holy Spirit replaces discouragement with confidence
In your meetings God blessed me with the knowledge that anything is possible if you believe. I was very discouraged. Getting filled with the Holy Spirit really helped me a lot. I am now very confident about myself. I love Jesus with my whole heart and soul. Thanks for helping me. I am really happy now in Gods love. Hope you come back to our church I really enjoyed your sermons.

Sandy M, Alton, IL, United States.

Filled with miracles, expectation, and renewed strength
I was delivered from fear of being manipulated in church services and encouraged to keep standing for my complete inheritance in the Lord. Frank Butler’s worship truly brought me into the Lord’s presence. His preaching of the uncompromised Word of God was like an IV to my spirit. His non pressure approach allowed me to whole heartedly receive and agree with his prayers. Instead of coming home feeling left out because of no visible manifestations, I came home as a vessel filled with miracles, expectation and renewed strength to continue to live by faith in the Word of God.

Katrin H, Bellevue, WA, United States.

New clarity of mind
Today I went down for prayer. Rev. Frank Butler prayed a simple prayer but one with power and authority. I walked away with a clarity of mind that I have not felt in a long time. With a Word God can set free!

Robin S, Duluth, MN, United States

Blind eye healed
Five years ago my 10 year old son Dustin had two surgeries on his left eye. The doctors told me he would probably always be blind in that eye, there wasn’t much else they could do, and when he turned 15 he would have to have surgery on his eye again. At the first of the month Frank Butler came to our church. He preached about miracles and how God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Dustin has always told me God was going to heal his eye. The last night Mr. Butler was at our church he asked if anyone wanted healing to come forward. Dustin went forward for prayer. Today at the doctors office after testing the doctor told me, “Dustin has 20/20 vision in both eyes, almost perfect vision in his left eye, he doesn’t have any new tissue growth, and he doesn’t need surgery.” I have been crying all day!!! When we first started going to church Dustin cried because he couldn’t see the words to the songs. So we moved closer so he could praise and worship the Lord. Now his vision is better than mine! Praise God!

Susan G, Twin Falls, ID, United States.

Growth under pastor’s eye gone
During the meeting you held at the church last weekend, my husband (the Pastor) went up for a miracle of healing for a growth that had been forming under his eye. It was growing and we were getting concerned about it. He was going to make an appointment to see the doctor on Monday. After prayer during the meeting on Friday night, on Monday morning, the thing fell off. It looks completely normal again. Thank you Jesus.

Linda M, Madera, CA, United States.

Blessings from the Holy Spirit
I have been praying for what seemed like forever to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to know my purpose. I attended Frank’s services at my church 3 out of the 4 nights that he was there. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and got a word from the Lord. I now have the empowerment and knowledge of what my purpose is! I was seeking and believing. Jesus promises that if you seek you will find. I now have more of a hunger to read God’s word and I have a GREAT time in my alone time with Jesus every morning and throughout the day!

Cindy H, Oak View, CA, United States.

I was filled with the Spirit as God did a huge work in our church
Many in our congregation had never been “slain in the Spirit”. As I stood down the front of the church to receive the Holy Spirit my own prayer language pushed out everything in me that was in it’s way. It came out loud and strong. I continued in this way until I fell totally exhausted. Done. Very few members of our congregation could stand upon their feet that Sunday evening. It was a huge work and I thank God.

Anonymous, United States.

Filled with God’s love as I received the Holy Spirit
I came forward to receive the Holy Spirit baptism. As I prayed and praised, suddenly I was on my knees and speaking in tongues. I was infused with the greatest feeling of God’s love I have ever felt in my life. I can’t say “It was like…” because it was unlike anything I ever experienced. The next morning I cried just remembering the experience.

Edith M, Gassville, AR, United States.

Shortness of breath, chest pains, and numbness in my left arm healed
I went to the hospital on Thursday with shortness of breath, chest pains, and numbness in my left arm. I felt like I was about to lose my mind and about to crash. On Friday my wife asked me to go to the conference with her, because she knew God was going to do something supernatural. I went with her and Evangelist Butler, taught the Word and opened the altar for prayer for those who were in need of a healing miracle from God, I went up and Bro. Butler laid hands on me! I immediately felt that sickness lift off me and the power of God rest on me! I knew I had been healed!

Marvin R, Virgilina, VA, United States

Eye sight healed
Thanks be to God! Bro. Frank agreed with me in prayer that the test for my eyes would come back normal. When I went to the eye Dr. today he said the pressure in my eyes is normal. He actually said “I don’t know how to treat you!” Blessed be the King of Kings

JESUS CHRIST. — Tilda H, Norlina, NC, United States.

Freedom and blessings received
I was standing at the front of the church waiting my turn. The closer Evangelist Frank got to laying hands on me the stronger the presence of Holy Spirit became. When he laid hands on me it felt like an electric shock. I was set free from something and I received blessings as well. When the Deacons tried to help me up, I couldn’t walk or stand. I had to sit on the front row bench for a while until I could stand again. All I could say was, OK Lord, OK Lord, I will serve You! I am thankful to the Lord for His touch.

Quana B, Fort Wayne, IN, United States.

Heart condition healed
The medical profession felt there was something wrong with my heart. After hearing Evangelist Frank Butler at my church I received healing through the laying on of hands and the heart condition was gone. Thank You Jesus!

Robin H, Fort Wayne, IN, United States.

Message was straight to the point
Not much was said, but it was straight to the point! Someone once said, why beat around the bush and have people wonder what youre trying to say, just go straight through it and spit it out! I think you just said it all in those little amount of words! Good Job! God Bless you!

Rebecca S, Sarasota, FL, United States.

Back, hips, and spine healed
I must thank you for praying for me. I was in so much pain. After you prayed for me God healed my back, hips, and spine. I can now go on a missions trip. To God be the glory!

Joyce P, Phoenix, AZ, United States.

Feet healed
I thank God our Pastor invited Evangelist Frank Butler to our church. I had severe pain in my feet and now I’m healed. I give God all the praise for healing me. Thank you Jesus!

Denise M, Rochester, PA United States.

Joy of the Lord replaces depression
I came up front and you just took one look at me and said, “Are you ready for a miracle?” and I said, yes. You told me to say, “I receive”, and I did. At first nothing happened. You told me to breathe. When I did, I went to the floor and was praying in tongues for a long time. When I got up I was a new person. The depression I had struggled with for years left me and I was filled with the joy of the Lord. It feels so good to laugh again! Bless God!

Karen T, Sapulpa, OK, United States.

On fire for Christ after receiving Holy Spirit power
When I went to the church service I had never seen anything like it. Seeing so many people touched by the power of the Holy Spirit made me stand up in complete humility and tears and have you pray over me. I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. Today, I’m a front row sitter and member of that church. I witness to people, pray for the sick; read the Bible, feed the hungry, and I am on fire for Jesus Christ!

James C, Greenwood, AR, United States.

Relief from tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears)
I have been suffering with the debilitating and aggravating problem of Tinnitus for eleven years now. I have been told many times there is no cure. There are reports of people committing suicide as a result of this condition. Anyone who has experienced it knows how it can severely affect your life and nervous system. The day Frank prayed for me the ringing was reduced. Three days later there has been noticeable improvement and relief. I can’t believe that I actually know what QUIET sounds like once again. Praise be to God!

Florence D, Philadelphia, PA, United States.

No cancer
The day after you prayed for me I had a biopsy on both breasts. The doctors said I could have cancer. You told me to trust the Lord. There was no cancer! PTL!

Mary W, Philadelphia, PA, United States.

Back healed
It was good to hear the Word of God and to receive healing. To feel the touch of God was unreal! My back is better than ever. I owe God so much.

Ron A, Goldendale, WA, United States.

Persistence to receive the Holy Spirit baptism
I have loved God all my life but always felt as though I was really missing being close to Him. I came forward on Sunday night and did not receive the Holy Spirit. Then on Thursday night I came forward again and was overflowed with His presence as I laid on the floor speaking tongues. I saw a bright light and I laughed and cried as I was filled with the Spirit of God. I now feel so close to God and I will keep on speaking in the Spirit.

Mary R, Goldendale, WA, United States.

Hurts healed and filled with the Holy Spirit
I want to thank you for being out here last Sunday and Monday. I enjoyed watching the great things that God has to offer. When you prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit you also told me to let go from past hurts. I found it odd that you knew I had been hurt by so many and wow it is true!

Erin L, Little Rock, AR, United States.

Delivered from drugs, filled with peace, joy, and the Holy Spirit
I have struggled with an addiction to drugs for years and been to rehab more times then I can count. I burned every bridge and my family would have nothing to do with me. I just couldn’t seem to stay clean. During the invitation to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit my husband grabbed my hand to take me up to the front. When I pulled away Frank saw what happened and put me on the spot. I was scared as I have never experienced that before, but I’m so glad I went to the front. The Holy spirit got a hold of me and I haven’t been the same since. I have been delivered and set free and I’m full of so much joy and peace I don’t know what to do with it! God has truly changed my life. I’ve never felt so much peace in my whole life, glory to God! I feel so blessed and also want to thank Frank for putting me on the spot because I would have missed out on the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank you Jesus! This was the best revival I have ever attended. My life will never be the same. Praise God!

Melissa B, Batesville, AR, United States.

Leg healed
For 57 years I have lived with one leg shorter than the other. I was born with a dislocated hip and my left leg did not grow at the same rate as the right. Today I went to the altar to receive a healing. I noticed when I went back to my seat that something was different. I had no pain in my hip when. I walked. Prior to today, I could stand straight and swing my left leg back and forth without touching the floor. I can’t do that now. I stand straight with both feet planted on the floor without leaning to the left. Thank you Jesus for healing my body.

Anonymous, Smyrna, TN, United States.

Marriage healed
Thank you for visiting our church Frank. Because of your ministry my husband and I are now serving the Lord as one and overcoming obstacles. Praise the Lord!

Anonymous, United States.

Priceless Prayer
Just wanted you to know that I listen to the audio of your meeting over and over. It’s my favorite message! I appreciate your words and I am always singing your song, “In Your Presence”. What you prayed over me is priceless! I have shared your prayer with many others who were lost and several have accepted Jesus! So even though you are not present Frank, your words are still ministering to people who have never met you. God bless you!

Diane L, Miami, FL, United States.

Jesus set free from eating disorder, addictions, and emotional bondage
I have had an eating disorder for twenty two years and addictions that went along with it. I have known the Lord all my life but as a teen I began to be wrapped in a cycle of low self-esteem and I wanted to be accepted by my peers. So that is where my eating disorder came in. Once I married at a young age, I was physically and mentally abused to the point where I just didn’t want to live and that is where my other addictions came in to play. I had three children with him and they had to watch the abuse. Finally I was brave enough to leave even though I really thought I’d never make it on my own with three children, but I did with the help of God and my family. Things got better and eventually I remarried a godly man, but I could never fully shake the eating disorder and I would always fall back to alcohol when I struggled with life. Then I would become so depressed because I knew that it was outside of God’s will for my life and I was so ashamed that I would try to hide and so the cycle would just continue, I’d be up and down and my emotions and unhealthy mind ruled me. Before I came Sunday morning I had already spoke with God that I was tired of being in a vicious cycle of self-pity and a prisoner in my own body, why couldn’t I just be normal? I wanted to grow in faith and overcome. The truth is I doubted God could heal me, despite all my pleas the last twenty two years. Sunday during the service I knew that God was speaking to me through Frank’s message I knew that God was telling me I could be healed, I could be a faithful servant to Him and I could be used by Him. At the altar call I was one of the first to stand and I could feel God’s presence so strong I thought I’d fall down, but standing there praying I felt God’s freedom, I prayed to overcome any doubt I had that He would heal me. Finally I felt free! I know longer have to find my acceptance in this world or from anyone or anything else, because I know who I am in Christ, a new creation. Not to mention God recently showed me the importance of praying his word into my life, to those areas where I struggle most and it was one of the things I heard in Frank’s message which conformed it to me. Thank God that He is in the chain breaking business, because without a doubt chains were broken from my life. My hope was restored and I will daily apply God’s Word to my life. It is my daily bread! Amen!


Just the fruits and the gifts of the Spirit
Thank God for your message. I came expecting God to do something different. Thank you for bringing a fresh anointing to God’s Word. No fancy outfits, shining jewelry, or lofty attitudes, just the fruits and the gifts of the Spirit to save, heal, and deliver. I also enjoyed talking with you as well. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Jay T, Atlanta, MS, United States.

Filled with the Holy Spirit and back pain healed
I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and healed of my back hip pain! Frank called for anyone who wanted to receive the Holy Spirit to come forward for prayer. I had been wanting and yearning to receive the Spirit for quite some time but never could. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and asked my husband (who is already baptized in Holy Spirit) to go up with me. After prayer I felt the power of God and fell to my knees. I also went back to church that night and could feel the Holy Spirit it was amazing. I have had back pain on my right hip and it was so bad I could not lay on my right side and I am always tossing and turning, especially when it’s cold. After the service I felt great and tingling in my neck. I went home and slept so good — no pain! Praise God! I woke up feeling great and energized! God is so good!

Veronica A, Portales, New Mexico, United States.

Tumor shrinks
A year ago, Frank came to speak at a church I started attending. I was not a regular church goer and was raised in the Presbyterian church. In 2001 my youngest son was born with Neurofibromatosis, Congenital Glaucoma and later developed cataracts. Neurofibromatosis (NF) causes tumors to grow inside and outside your body anywhere there is a nerve to attach itself to. His was located behind his eye. I attended the evening service with Mr. Butler and ended up at the front of the church with my son. (Never have done that before) He laid his anointed hands on my son and prayed sincerely over him and I both. At the next MRI scan, the tumor shrank to half of the size. The doctors said I only have to visit them with my son once a year! This is God’s honest truth! I thank the Lord and my brother Frank Butler for this miraculous healing! God is soooo Powerful! It is amazing what you do to find a cure for your child or loved one and then as a last resort turn to the Lord. I have learned so much since Frank touched us both and entered our lives. I give the Lord all the glory, I praise the Lord my son is healed!

Erin B, Tulsa, OK, United States.

Prostate cancer healed
Thank you for praying for me! My PSA results scored 7 and 2 biopsy’s confirmed I had prostate cancer. All of the treatments have awful side effects. After you prayed for me I decided to have one more PSA test before I had any treatment. Today I got the results and scored a 1. The nurse said anything below a 4, they consider normal. This is awesome news for me. God is faithful and God is still in the healing business!

Jerry A, Mountain Home, AR, United States.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease healed
When I was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease many doctors treated me with many medications. I was hospitalized 10 times but nothing helped. I was unable to eat or drink and the doctors gave up on me. Emergency room doctors were baffled and offered no help or treatment. They even asked me not to return to the hospital as they said there was nothing they could do. I lost 50 lbs. and I could not even pray at this point and I was questioning God why I had to suffer so much. My church pastors were praying for me and my beloved husband and loving son had great faith and kept on praying. One Sunday when I went to church Evangelist Frank was the guest speaker. As I listened to his message I felt that miracles can happen. At this point I wanted to get complete healing and was crying out to God as my suffering was too much and too long to endure. When Frank finished speaking he invited people to the front of the church for prayer. I went forward with my husband and son. When Frank approached me, he laid hands on me, prayed for me, and I fell to the ground. Instantly I felt something happen in my body, and felt happy, peaceful, and hopeful. I went home and felt normal and was gradually able to drink and eat solids. I thank God for His wonderful mercies. Today I am healthy. I am eating well, I have regained the weight I lost, and I am doing my normal activities. I praise Jesus for healing me. Cling to Jesus and to His promises for He will never leave you. God bless Evangelist Frank and his good work.

Frances G. Houston, TX, United States.

Restored, freed from smoking, now church leader
Several years ago my life was total mess. I went through a terrible divorce, my life was in shambles, and my relationship with Jesus was even worse. I was a truly broken vessel in the eyes of God. The big turning point was when Frank Butler visited my church. At the end of the church meeting he made an altar call, one of the things was addictions. I went up to help the ushers catch people. As I was standing behind a woman Frank was praying for he told her, “If God wanted you to smoke He would have put a chimney in your head.” The power of God went through her and into me. I have not smoked anything for over three years and it was a true turning in my life. Today I am a leader in my church and God has done many wonderful things through me. Don’t ever despise small beginnings. Just yield to God’s purpose for your life and you will never be the same. Thank you Frank for your wonderful ministry. 

Michael O, Richmond, VA, United States

God is a God of miracles

I was diagnosed with lung cancer and COPD. I took a medication, a combo chemo/immune therapy, and it stopped the growth of the tumor for a while. The week before I heard Evangelist Frank Butler, they told me the tumor had started to grow again and radiation wasn’t possible and straight chemo might give a few more months (yeah, of complete misery). I declined. All along my sister and I said, by the stripes of Jesus I am healed (1Peter 2:24). But I had to learn how to receive what had already been given to me. I had to get God’s Word in my heart and I was working on that. The Sunday night church service with Frank Butler was a turning point for me. I’d never felt closer to Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit than when Frank laid his hands on me and ministered to me. I feel better than I have in months. God is a God of miracles!

Rebecca B, Bristow, OK, United States

Filled with Holy Spirit Power

I encountered the power of the Holy Spirit at First Assembly of God – Greenwood during a visit by Evangelist Frank Butler and completely changed forever after receiving the power Jesus spoke of in Acts chapter 1 verse 8.

James C, AR, United States