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You can book Frank for the following:

  • Church services.
  • Conferences.
  • Healing & miracle services.
  • Men’s meetings.
  • Revivals.
  • Special events.
  • Teaching sessions on evangelism, faith, healing & health, leadership, prayer, prosperity, signs, wonders, & miracles, spirit realm, and the Holy Spirit.

You can book Frank for one meeting or several meetings:

One meeting (example): Sunday 10 am church service.

Several meetings (example): Friday 7 pm faith teaching session | Saturday 10 am men’s meeting & 7 pm healing & miracle service | Sunday 10 am church service & 7 pm Holy Spirit teaching session.

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Booking Form

OFFERING. Will you give Frank an offering check separate from expenses at the end of his visit? Typically, the host takes a special offering at each meeting. Frank Butler Ministries is completely funded by offerings. There are additional financial requirements for bookings outside of the United States.

AIRFARE. Will you reimburse Frank Butler Ministries for the round-trip airfare from Houston, TX USA?

GROUND TRANSPORTATION. Will you provide a rental car, loaner car, or driver between the airport, hotel, and meetings? Frank Butler Ministries will book the rental car and send you a copy for reimbursement.

FOOD & LODGING. Will you provide hotel accommodation and meals?

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