The following endorsements are from those who hosted Frank. Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses – 2 Corinthians 13:1.

United States

Pastor John Hobson, Cathedral of Glory, Mt. Sterling, KY

First of all, I want to thank you for coming to our church. Thank you for the teaching each night, especially the teaching you did on health and healing. Very few ministers would be bold enough to share what you shared. However, it changed the lives of our people as well as me. We have couples that are now eating better and losing weight as well. Thank you for saving lives.

Pastor Bill Smalt, Rock Church International, Virginia Beach, VA

Thank God for Frank Butler!!! I have had so many ministries come to the church that are trying every way to get “offerings” from the people. Not so with Frank Butler. He comes with a pure heart and motive to bless the people. WOW! How refreshing! A man of integrity and full of the Holy Spirit! People are always blessed strengthened and healed and filled with the Spirit. I have had Frank minister at Rock Church on several occasions when I have been away. He’s the best!!!!! Put him on your calendar!

Pastor Mike Colston, Living Waters Assembly, Magnolia, TX

It is my privilege to recommend Rev. Frank Butler to your ministry. My first introduction to Bro. Butler came in 1988 when he ministered at the church I pastor. Since that time we have developed a strong and lasting friendship. On many occasions we have mutually sought each other’s counsel. I have found Bro. Butler to be wonderful man of God. He is an excellent minister of God’s Word. He is a no-nonsense preacher who is anointed by the Holy Spirit to touch people’s lives. He is also a gifted singer and musician. Frank has ministered here annually since 1989. We have found Frank to be a man of integrity who loves God. Without any reservation I would vouch for Frank’s life as a true Man of God who is above reproach. I have no doubt that you will find him to be all this and more. If you should extend to him the opportunity to minister in your pulpit he will bless your church. He comes making no demands. He is not just trying to fill a date or receive an offering to get down the road. He is a genuine gift to the church. Our people look forward to his being with us. Please prayerfully consider having this brother for a service, for you will not regret it.

Pastor David Hope, Words of Life Church, Humble, TX

Whenever Frank Butler ministers at our church the power of God is always present to heal. Frank Butler proclaims the truth through the preaching of God’s word. Then the word is confirmed through signs and wonders following. I have known Frank since 1997 and I appreciate his faithfulness to serve the Lord with his whole heart. He is a man of integrity who speaks the truth in love. I’m so thankful to God for the way he uses Frank to love our people every time he comes. He blesses us with the love of God, the Word of God, and demonstration of God’s power. I gladly recommend Frank Butler as a minister to anyone or any church. Frank is the real deal!

Pastor Randy Lynn, Praise Center, Tulsa, OK

Frank’s ministry is refreshing. Our church family has been blessed again and again by this man of God’s clear and joyful presentation of Christ! His doctrine is solid, teaching fresh and relevant, and his pulpit manner is of the highest ethics. He is a person who follows the Holy Spirit in ministry without adding to or taking away from what God is doing at the moment. He is a gifted songwriter and musician and most importantly a worshipper. He is one of our evangelists as well as our friend. As a pastor I realize the number of requests you receive to schedule guest speakers. I can wholeheartedly say that with Frank, you can relax and be assured of your church being edified and ministered to.

Pastor Ken & Diane Martin, Dover, DE

Evangelist Frank Butler ministered at Faith Life Ministries in 2017 and 2018. He is very accommodating and easy to work with. He ministers an excellent Word of Truth with an anointing that got many people healed and set free. Our congregation and ourselves were so blessed to have him. He also made himself available to anyone who needed him. We will definitely be having him back again and we look forward to it.

Pastor Kelly Fulfer, Trinity Church, Portales, NM

We were once again challenged as a church to trust God for the miraculous. It was refreshing and inspiring to hear about the many miracles God has performed in the lives of others; which no doubt has made us hope-full for what He wants to do in ours! Praise God for ministers like Frank who are willing to share their calling with the Body of Christ.

Pastor Ezequiel Pecina, Life Church, Abilene, TX

Evangelist Frank Butler has ministered at our church several times. Every time he is here, he brings a fresh word from the Holy Spirit. He is able to touch the lives of our people and we have experienced a great move of God. People receive what he gives and are challenged in such a great way every time he is here with us. Our church has seen lives changed, transformed, healed and filled with the anointing and the Holy Spirit. We enjoy having this great man of God who pours his heart with passion to deliver the message of God to his people.

Pastor Jude Nowak, Edgemere Church of God, Baltimore, MD

We continue to have the honor of hosting Frank year after year. In his services I have noted a few things about him that causes him to stand “above the crowd” so to speak: He shows respect to those in authority and demonstrates love in all areas. He is a pleasure to host because he is one of the easiest evangelists to care for regarding hotel, transportation, and meals. He builds the local church. His messages build the body of Christ and every year our congregation responds.We have seen healings through his ministry, and many, many salvations, as well as many receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. I have personally attested to the fact that he is a praying man. He comes with a specific message for our church that he feels God has given him to share. It isn’t a “repeat from last week and last place” style of ministry.He is very unique and has such an amazing background in the music industry, yet, he does not focus so much on that, because he prefers to glory on the goodness of God in the here and now.He is always kind to thank the church for having him and I appreciate the fact that he is one of the few evangelists that works on a love offering basis. God blesses him because of this and he truly gives of himself while ministering to the body of Christ.Because of the above qualities, Evangelist Frank Butler has been a privilege to host at our church and I have come to know him as a dear and caring friend. I believe he will be a benefit to any church who is seeking a spiritual awakening for their congregation. He truly reflects our Father’s love and we have never once been disappointed.

Pastor Jerry Elvis, Fusion Church, Spring, TX

Pastors, if you are looking for someone to impact your church, bring a solid Word, operate in the gifts of the Spirit, and strengthen the Body, Frank is someone to have minister with you! Check out his website, You will be blessed!

Pastor Chris Stark, Rock Church, Scranton, PA

Frank Butler brings such an atmosphere of faith and encouragement every time he ministers at our church! He is a man of integrity who preaches the whole counsel of God with an anointing to prepare people to receive God’s healing. With a heart of humility and love, Bro. Frank is all about refreshing and building God’s people. He is a servant of the Lord, and would be a great blessing to your church!

Apostle Ludie and Jackie Lynch, Word of Faith Christian Life Center, La Marque, TX

Evangelist Frank Butler has shared the Word of God at our church on two occasions. The atmosphere was charged with faith as he ministered and admonished the people to believe God to save, heal, and be delivered. As a result people were truly blessed and renewed in their bodies and minds as they fell under the power of God. If you need a move of God in your church. Bro. Butler knows how to hear from God and help you connect to the faith and power that lies within you already. Every time he comes, we expect to be blessed, we expect God to move, and people always get delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit. Lastly, this man is truly filled with the love of God and walks in it by demonstrating that no matter what race you are. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. We love Evangelist Butler and we look forward to him returning to our church soon.

Pastor Jerry Roach, Victory Christian Center, San Angelo, TX

We had a good time in the Lord. Everyone loved the move of God. Good to hear someone preach the Word of God.

Pastor Barry Weddle, Miracle Life Church, Houston, TX

You did a great job. We loved the worship, teaching, and especially the way you ministered to the people at the altars at the end. We look forward to having you back next year.

Pastor Jeff Cox, First Assembly of God, Batesville, AR

During the revival several people were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Two ladies laid down their cigarettes. There were several people who testified to healing including a lady in her 30’s who had five strokes about eight years ago. As a result of her strokes she had limited eyesight, walked with a cane, could not walk in a straight line and was on more than a dozen medications. On Sunday morning her eyesight was healed. On Monday night she was slain in the Spirit and when she got up she was able to walk without her cane. The following Sunday she walked down the aisle without any assistance and she walked a straight line. She has also testified that she is off of almost all of her medications. I think more than anything God used Frank to build our faith and believe God for great miracles. Frank did only a small percentage of praying and laying on of hands. He used people of faith to help pray and the results were amazing. One night a teenage girl who has only been saved for a few months prayed with someone and they were filled with the Spirit. On the way out that night she was overheard telling someone; “I can’t believe God used me like that to pray for someone else.” What a great blessing when God’s people believe God for miracles not man. I highly recommend Frank and his ministry.

Pastor Clark Bossler, Faith Community Church, Richland, PA

Frank is a man filled with the Holy Ghost and ministers powerfully under the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the power and authority of Jesus. His message is from the Word of God. We had an incredible altar time and the power of God was unleashed on the people in the church! If you believe in miracles, signs, and wonders and need a move of God in your church, then contact Frank to come to your church!

Pastor Rick Haug, Living Word Church, Maiden, NC

We were blessed to have Frank Butler minister at Living Word Church. His ministry is Word based and Spirit inspired. Praise reports include: healings, deliverance and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Frank is very respectful of the host pastor and honors that office accordingly. We welcome Franks return to LWC at any time.

Pastor Donna Neville, Praise Chapel Fellowship, Huntington Park, CA

It is our joy to share with you our recent experience with Bro. Frank Butler. The services turned out to be so very refreshing. His ministry in Word was Spirit-directed, powerfully communicated and punctuated by an immediate response from the congregation. There was, as it were, a corporate “amen” as folks responded to the fresh and relevant ministry in those services. I’m grateful for the ministry connection and look forward to having Bro. Butler back with us and would definitely recommend him to anyone. His ministry with us was fresh, insightful, balanced and definitely sensitive to our needs.

Pastor Keith Jones, Gulf Coast Assembly of God, North Port, FL

We have hosted Frank on several occasions and each time it has been a genuine blessing to our people and to me personally. Frank is a man of integrity and an excellent minister of the Word of the Lord. He is open to the direction of the Holy Spirit and submissive to pastoral authority. His ministry has always helped us grow and mature in the things of God. I would encourage you to consider having Frank preach for you. If I may answer any questions or be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call. We are looking forward to Frank’s next visit with us later this year.

Pastor David Hernquist, Van Nest Assembly of God, Bronx, NY

Frank has ministered here several times, and I have gotten to know him quite well. His ministry in the Word is solid, and his focus is on helping people be filled with the Holy Spirit. His presentation is very clear, and he is a very humble servant. He is easy to work with and always cooperative with the leadership of the church. I will continue to have him come here and minister because I know that in each service people will receive spiritual life and strength.

Pastor John Venzke, Family Worship Church, Moose Lake, MN

Thanks Brother Frank! Your ministry here in Moose Lake was amazing! Many people were touched by the Lord in your services with us! Your messages were timely for me and for our people! May the Lord bless you richly!

Pastor Loyd Singley, Acadiana Cathedral, Crowley, LA

Frank Butler ministered at our church last month and was a real blessing to our people. His preaching was right on, with people being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. I appreciate Frank’s ministry in the altar praying with people no matter their needs. An extra touch was his ministry in song and music with the guitar and harmonica. Speaking as a pastor, I can say that Frank has the right spirit, a pleasure to work with and we will have him back in the future.

Pastor Errol Mustafa, City Bible Church, Jacksonville, FL

Thank you so very much for the wonderful and unique way in which you ministered this weekend. You have truly refreshed, strengthened and challenged the Body of Christ. We look forward to future ministry times with you again. Thank you for being real, wonderful, loving, kind and portraying God’s love and the Fathers heart to His people. You are always welcome. I was blessed to hear how much the people enjoyed your ministry. I appreciate your heart.

Pastor Randy Gray, Radiant Life Church, Festus, MO

I want to thank you for your ministry. We had a tremendous move of the Holy Ghost. Lives were changed. Thank you for a very timely message. It was quite interesting to see the people stay for the entire service after we had to take cover in the basement from the tornado warnings that day. I don’t think anyone left. The service was great from start to finish. We look forward to having you back in the near future.

Pastor John Johnson, Bay Shore Assembly of God, Bay Shore, NY

Frank’s pulpit ministry has motivated our people to a closer walk with God and his music ministry encouraged our people to truly worship and adore our wonderful Lord. In my opinion, Frank has a God given talent to minister in preaching and leading worship and I believe he can bring edification to the Body of Christ wherever he goes.

Pastor Mike Panich, Cornerstone Family Worship Center, Detroit, MI

If you are looking for an anointed evangelist, whose deep desire is to glorify Christ by expanding His kingdom and edifying believers, you will want to have Frank Butler at your church. He is a humble brother who places no great demands upon the church. He comes to bless and impart that which God has given him. If you choose to have this evangelist you won’t regret it. We love and appreciate Frank so much.

Pastor Howard Cameron, Power Church, Beaumont, TX

He preaches with great simplicity, power and grace. He leaves heavenly impartation wherever he goes. He is always enthusiastically received at our church.

Pastor Johnny Minick, River of Life, Smyrna, TN

Once again this year, we were blessed and Jesus was exalted by your ministry. The altar response and the healing prayer time were crowned with the visitation of the Holy Spirit. Your weekend at River of Life was ordained of God. You have consistently ministered at our church the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a powerful Holy Ghost anointing. Your gifting in music, song and appropriate humor keeps an audience riveted to the central message of Jesus Christ. I note your attention to schedule restraints. You keenly manage your pulpit time and you respect the flow of the Holy Spirit. We anticipate your visit with us again soon. I whole heartedly recommend you and your ministry to my colleagues in ministry. We already know that many will be saved, restored, and healed as you follow and obey God.

Pastor Bill Ferg, Living Faith International Church, Duluth, MN

Frank is a dynamic evangelist. He has ministered at our church for the last two years, and we are making plans for his next visit. Frank will bless your church with the word of God in an inspiring delivery. He prays for the sick and we have seen many healed. He will not do anything to hurt your church, but will be an encouragement and support to the pastor. He also ministers in song and is a great blessing. I know your church will be blessed with his anointing and style of ministry.

Pastor James Short, Victory Christian Church, McKinney, TX

I have found a new friend and brother in the Lord. Frank has inspired and blessed us. What impressed me was that he never said he had to have a certain amount, or certain things, other than the necessary things while he was with us. We had a wonderful move of God. The crowning moment in the Short family was my wife Anna receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost! She had saw a lot of junk and phony theatrics and she had said to me, ” I want the real thing”. Frank is an anointed, gifted preacher of the Gospel, but in the altar services, he also gets results! I feel like I have known him all my life. He is a Pastor’s Godsend! Our people love him! We had several filled with the Holy Ghost, one lady was 91 years young. I would recommend him to anyone who truly wants revival. He has a great sense of humor and wit. Something that is lacking in many pulpits today. We look forward to a long friendship and to having him return again next year.

Pastor Ken Milliken, Gospel Tabernacle Church, Dunn, NC

I have been privileged to have Frank at my present pastorate and the one before. We had wonderful moves of God in both places with scores saved, healed, delivered, and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Frank is a genuine man of God, unpretentious, always himself and completely open to the leading of the Spirit. He is a true evangelist who comes to proclaim the Full Gospel message without apology. I have met no other evangelist in 25 years of pastoral ministry as effective in laying a Biblical foundation in his messages for faith to operate on in the altar services. You and your church will be blessed by his ministry.

Pastor Larry Horrell, Church of God, Cleveland, TN

Words are simply not adequate to thank you for your ministry this past Sunday. First and foremost I must thank you for the integrity with which you conducted yourself from the very first moment I contacted you earlier this year. Having booked a lot of Christian artists, speakers, evangelists and even pastors, I have been so impressed with how professionally your ministry is conducted. You were a pleasure to schedule and host! More than anything I appreciate your humility and submission to the Holy Spirit. You preached the Word with conviction and clarity, and as a result, many of our people’s lives were changed forever! Thank you for allowing the Lord to send you our way. Jennifer and I so enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to the next time you can be with us. I will contact you soon to schedule a date for next year.

Pastor Doug Banks, Maranatha Chapel, Evergreen Park, IL

We had the privilege of having evangelist, Frank Butler (originally from Australia) with us for a full day of services. Frank ministered in our three congregations, English, Spanish and Arabic. The last two services through an interpreter. Frank’s ministry translated beautifully to all three cultures, and our people responded most positively. He was humorous and covered the subject well on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, as well as divine healing. We had a very encouraging altar response not only for divine healing, but also for people to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I have found Frank to be a brother with a good and right spirit. He is genuine and a very low-maintenance evangelist. We had a good time of fellowship with him between the services, as well. Again, Frank’s ministry was very effective among our people and was well received. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Pastor Gary Strickland, Kingdom Place Church, Lumberton, NC

Frank blessed our hearts. He shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with great authority and in the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. Each night he presented a wonderful, solid, and Biblical message that did justice to the passage and did it with a bold positive faith in the Jesus of the Bible who is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Frank challenged people to make heartfelt decisions for God and they did. Many were saved, sanctified, filled with the Spirit, and healed. Frank’s personality radiates the love and compassion of Christ and people immediately know this is a man of God who loves people. This evangelist works personally and powerfully around the altar after his sermon and guides the people into an intimate and personal encounter with Christ. Frank was a joy to be with and the joy of the Lord is obviously his strength. I feel he will be used by God to bless hearts wherever he goes. I encourage you to invite him to your Church.

Pastor Don Vess, Destiny City Church, Salisbury, SC

He was mightily used of the Lord! He shared in song and worship and delivered a powerful message. The altars were full and we witnessed several healings, at least five baptized in the Holy Ghost and many more were touched by the Holy Spirit’s power. What took place at the altar was nothing short of miraculous. I intend to have Frank back in the near future and I am sure that once he has had the opportunity to minister in your church you’ll feel the same.

Pastor Ron Burgio, Love Joy Gospel Church, Lancaster, NY

Frank ministered during a series of meetings in 2003. We found him to be a true evangelist. He has great respect for the local church and will flow with the pastor and leadership. His teaching is rich in knowledge and anointing. A number of people were saved, healed and delivered. I highly recommend his ministry.

Pastor Chad Harvey, First Assembly, Raleigh, NC

Praise God for you and for the joyful spirit with which you ministered. Our people were blessed and our church was strengthened as a result of your ministry here with us. May the Master keep blessing you as you continue to advance His Kingdom.

Pastor John Thomas, TFA Church, Tifton, GA

We have had an awesome week! Thank you for the straight-forward Word in the Lord. I know over time we will see more of what the Lord has done during the services. Thanks for the investment in our church. It has been a joy to get to know you and love you! God bless you!

Pastor Howie Russell, The Father’s House, Myrtle Beach, SC

Thank God for faxes! If I had not received your offer to minister I believe our church family would have missed out on a genuine blessing from the Lord. Every life was touched by your sincere presentation of the Word, and laying on of hands. You truly are a treasure to the Body of Christ. With great enthusiasm I recommend your ministry gift.

Pastor Steve Mitchell, Jackson Revival Center, Jackson, MS

What a joy it was to have you with us. We were greatly blessed through the way the Lord used you. Thank you for your kindness and your love for our Lord and for His people. We look forward to seeing you again as the Lord wills. May God continue to pour out His abundant blessings in your life in order to minister to you and through you for His glory.

Pastor Steve Schulze, Parsons Four Square Church, Parsons, KS

Frank was recently with us for the State Men’s Retreat. Many men made deeper commitments to the Lord, several were filled with the Holy Spirit, many were set free from bondages in their lives, and many miraculous healings occurred. Frank also ministered at our Sunday evening service and it was tremendous.

Pastor Bob Bernier, Christian Life Church, Rehoboth, MA

Thank you for visiting our church and depositing a blessing! I wanted you to know that our people were blessed, changed, and refreshed! Also, thank you for your personal encouragement.

Pastor Mike Brown, Crossroads Assembly, Asheville, NC

It is with great joy I highly recommend the ministry of Frank Butler. Frank has a soundness and directness of ministry that will provide for your church true spiritual edification. His time with us was rewarding for both the congregation and pastoral staff. His sincere love and authentic spirit for the people he ministered to was self-evident. We had a number of conversions and baptisms in the Holy Spirit. In twenty years of pastoral ministry, Frank’s genuineness and heart for the church is truly a high mark for the body of Christ. I look forward to having Frank back with us.

Pastor David Kerr, Vine Fellowship, Arlington, TX

As a Pastor of a local church I get a number of requests from many to speak in our church. Rarely do I open the pulpit to someone I do not know. I appreciate the fact that Frank does include references with his material. I now have had him three times at our church and I will be having him back. He is a man of integrity, faithfulness to the Word and ministry, bold in his delivery, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, has a heart for Gods people, and will minister as long as there are people in need. Our people respond well to him and love to have him here.

Pastor Ron Hawkins, First Assembly of God, Fort Wayne, IN

Our weekend with Frank was a wonderful time of ministry. The preaching was sound and sensitive, and the results were the Lord’s. Finding an evangelist that helps the local church is sometimes difficult, but Frank is one of those gifts to the Body of Christ that brings refreshing. I endorse his ministry and encourage you to consider him as you plan.

Pastor Bob Hauselman, Restoration Christian Church, Sellersburg, IN

This is the second time you have been to our church. Both times there has been solid teaching and preaching of God’s Word. The ministry to people has been effective. I am especially thankful for the young people who have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit when you were here.

Pastor Mark Hill, Covenant Community Church, Holland, NY

I had a deep sense that your coming was an appointment from the Lord. I was very pleased with the ministry that came forth during the meetings. Our church was built up as you released people into ministry praying for others. The fruit will be long lasting. Thank you for coming.

CBN 700 Club, Virginia Beach, VA

We wish to thank you personally for your recent appearance. Your interview was very informative and added substance to the program. All of us at CBN believe that God is using the insights you shared to comfort and encourage those in our viewing audience.

Pastor George Phillips, St. Thomas Assembly of God, Virgin Islands

Your presence at our church was certainly a blessing. Many persons gained a better understanding of and entered a more fruitful relationship with the Holy Spirit. Your warm comradery and professional deportment has won you an open door of ministry.

Pastor Tim Harrell, Crossroads Assembly of God, Cameron, MO

It is my privilege to recommend Frank Butler’s ministry. He is a man of purity and power. He ministers the Word and in song under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He ministered with compassion and truth to our people. People were baptized in the Holy Spirit, renewed, healed and encouraged. I wholeheartedly support and recommend his ministry.

Pastor Paul Sames, St. Pete Beach, FL

Frank has been my friend and an inspiration in God to me for 40 years now, He is still the faithful and dedicated evangelist he was when I met him in 1977. Three decades later he has grown, matured, and become a true veteran of countless global Gospel campaigns. One of the hallmarks of his ministry is the many healing’s and miracles that have always accompanied his preaching and teaching down through the years. He has known the reality of great battles and attacks as have all great ministers of the Gospel. In every situation, Frank has never backed down or caved in under enemy fire. Instead he has mounted up on the eagles wings of the Word and the Spirit and ascended to greater heights of world evangelism and dedicated service in the Joy and Holiness of God. He has a wonderful sense of humor which enables him to communicate to all ages and backgrounds. He always preaches the Word and stays on message with Jesus. Frank Butlers ministry record speaks for itself, his contribution in evangelism, teaching and in the office of the psalmist has been extensive and transforming worldwide. He is endowed with a truly remarkable range of gifts which he uses with Godly and skilful wisdom to convert the lost, equip the saints, inspire the saints and lead the church in incredibly anointed praise and worship. I have absolutely no hesitation In recommending Frank as a man of God who is more than able to bring great blessing in whatever ministerial capacity he operates. He is sensitive and relates in an excellent spirit to the pastoral oversight of the churches he ministers in. There are few ministers anywhere, in my estimation, who are so versatile and capable. He really loves God and people.


Fire Sowers International Ministries, Santa Gertrudes Brazil

You are a true man of God. Thank you for coming to minister to my people. I pray God will bless your ministry still more for your generosity and love for my country. My nation will not be the same after the three weeks that we welcomed you and your wonderful ministry. The people loved your preaching. Many pastors have asked about you and want to know when are you coming back to Brazil. You are welcome to come back to Brazil any time you want.


Pastor Tim Klassen, Niagara Worship Centre, Ontario

It was a blessing having you worship and minister with us. The ministry time was particularly precious and I know many experienced the Holy Spirit through the prayers and laying on of hands. I believe seeds have been planted that will continue to be watered, and God will give the increase.

Pastor Mike Welch, Capital City Church, Ottawa, Ontario

It was a pleasure to have you minister at our church. Those attending the services were greatly blessed. It was wonderful to have people saved, healed, delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit. We appreciate your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and you ministered the Word of God with simplicity, integrity, humility and humor. Your love for God and people is revealed in your compassion for the lost and hurting. As a seasoned Christian you shared your life experiences and wisdom, and displayed an ability to relate to and be received by every age group. Frank, we are honoured to be associated with you and your ministry, and we look forward to another fruitful time in the Lord when you return next year.

Pastor Audley James, Revival Time Tabernacle, Toronto, Ontario

Our personal thanks and appreciation for ministering for us. The response and comments of the saints are only expressions of thanks, for allowing the Lord to use you, and of great blessings.


Pastor Richard Warner, Lighthouse Christian Church, Melbourne

I have known Frank since 1978 and he has become one of the most precious brothers I know in the Lord. He has a sweet spirit. Wherever he is he has the knack of encouraging people towards the things of God. Together with his great talent as a musician and singer, he has become a powerful tool for the Lord. I know his heart and know quite a bit about his past life and he is truly a trophy of God’s grace and the saving power of Jesus Christ. He has ministered at this church and several functions that I have organized with great success and fruit for the glory of God. His godly character is expressed in the most powerful ways. I recommend him for any church looking for effective evangelism, revival and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Henry Betschel, Faithland, Melbourne

I have know Frank since 1978. He walks with integrity and lives the principles he so convincingly preaches. He is unique in presenting the Word of God, bold in applying the relevance of God’s Word, uncompromising as he explains God’s Word and undeterred in achieving the results promised by God’s Word. His ministry has a tremendous contribution to make to churches worldwide.

Pastor Gladwyn Turner, Southside Christian Fellowship, Sydney

I have known Frank for twenty years and have seen his ministry develop over those years. He is a singer, songwriter, and a fervent soul-winner and teacher of God’s Word. I have found him to present the challenge of the faith unreservedly and with great boldness. People are always encouraged, challenged, and healed through his positive ministry. His genuine warmth and caring attitude is evident in both the preaching and ministry afterwards. I have no hesitation in recommending his anointed ministry to you.

Pastor David Patch, Reach Outreach Church, Brisbane

Frank spoke at our Faith Convention. We saw people come to salvation, lives changed, people encouraged to go forward with God, and people filled mightily with the Holy Spirit through Frank’s ministry. Frank is a man who is in tune with the calling of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Ron Foulkes, Uniting Church, Morwell

As a preacher and minister of the Word Frank communicates the Gospel in a challenging, simple and direct way and is undoubtedly blessed with many spiritual gifts, which the Lord uses in producing a ready response in his listeners.

Rev. G. Nicholls, Uniting Church, Salisbury, Adelaide

Frank presented the Gospel to a large congregation with a freshness and directness that was at once relevant and challenging to the young people and families in the congregation. We thoroughly recommend Frank to any church group endeavouring to bring fresh challenges to its people.

United Kingdom

Pastor Ian Smith, Victory Christian Centre, Hawick, Scotland

I was immediately impressed by Frank’s enthusiasm for winning the land for Jesus. His sole aim is to tell others of the life-changing love of Jesus Christ, and to bring the power of the Gospel back into evangelism. At the many and varied venues, Frank preached and taught the uncompromised Word; never at any time did he exalt or draw attention to himself. His skill in music and his gentle manner were a blessing to us all. Many people were saved, healed and set free, through the power of Jesus Christ operating through him. As he spoke the Word, the Lord confirmed it with signs and wonders following. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you and your fellowship. He is a ministry gift sent from God and you will be greatly blessed and encouraged.

Pastor Brian Grist, Elim Pentecostal Church, Carlisle, England

Your visit to our fellowship brought blessing. Two weeks later a lady testified that her husband’s cancer had been healed. Several others felt the power of God in an unusual way. Your message was spot on and brought great strength and is already finding fulfillment.

Pastor Paul Mercy, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Great Britain & Ireland

Frank’s preaching was well received and many people were blessed. Everyone to whom I spoke about the meetings at which he preached, both at the church where I am the minister, and other churches, gave glowing reports of blessings received and of people receiving Christ as Savior for the first time.


Pastor Samuel & Rose Donkor, All Nations Full Gospel Church, Ghana

Thank you for ministering to our members both in Ghana, Africa, and Toronto, Canada. We appreciated your ministry during the services. Our people were blessed, healed, and breakthroughs happened, and lives were changed. The services were just great. Thank you so much and looking forward to having you minister again in the future.

Pastor Gabriel Imoisi, Christ Fellowship Center, Benin City, Nigeria

I have experienced a great miracle time during his one month program with us in Nigeria, Africa.

Pastor Wilfred Ohue, World Outreach Ministries, Benin City, Nigeria

His ministry with us was wonderful. He has the gift of singing and worship. Many healed, many had miracles in their lives. Words are inadequate to describe this evangelist.

Pastor Godwin Iyebhobum, Christ Living Church, Bendel, Nigeria

All of us were so blessed we never wanted you to go back to America! The Lord used you so much in the area of your gifts and my people told me they love you and want you back again.

Pastor Nicholas Ikponmwomba, Kingdom of God Mission, Benin City, Nigeria

Your coming to Nigeria and to minister in my church was a thing that I will live to give God glory for. So many testimonies have been coming in since you left

Pastor Michael Okoh, Benin City, Nigeria

Your ministry was a blessing to my church. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit. The infallible Word of God was confirmed with signs and miracles.